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The Egyptian Goddess Isis

No description

Daniel Truong

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Egyptian Goddess Isis

The Egyptian Goddess Isis By Daniel Isis was known as "She who gave birth to heaven and earth" in the Book of the Dead and also known by many other different names. In Ancient Egypt, people believed that the symbols of Isis was the sun disk with a cow's horn, a throne and a sycamore tree. Who were the family memebers of Isis? Horus was her son, Osiris was her consort,
Geb was her father and Nut was her mother. Isis is a destroyer and a creator because she is recognized as the giver of life and goddess of magic. In the old ancient stories, it said that Isis may be more stronger than Ra and Osiris because of her power in magic and her power of giving life. There were many temples built for this certain goddess not just in Egypt but also in the countries surrounding Egypt as well. Although the goddess Isis is in Egypt, she was widely worshipped in the Greco-Roman world. In the history, Seth and Osiris were brothers while Isis and Nepthys were sisters. Seth killed Osiris by drowning him in the Nile. Isis kept on bringing him back to life until one day he was cut into many pieces and were spread in the sand. When Isis tried to bring him back to life, it was too late so then he became the god of the dead. Who was the Egyptian goddess Isis that the Ancient Egyptians believed in? She was a goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility according from history. Isis was said to have tricked Re into telling her his secret name so that Isis could gain control over him. The worshipping of Isis started in Per-hebet and now is spread over Egypt and the world. She was originally a black goddess seeing that she has an African origin.
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