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by Brittney Moyer

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Cleopatra

It's Cleopatra A Real Egyptian Goddess Let's talk about Greece All about Cleopatra Relationship Stories Cleopatra ruled Egypt for 21 years 51 B.C.- 30 B.C. She was the very last pharaoh of Egypt. To this day, her capital is destoryed, natural disasters had ruined it.
By the age of seventeen she ruled with her brother, whom she had married. He was six years old which made her the supreme ruler. Cleo. had died with Asp. Her death was a suicide, which took place after a meeting (probably) to assure her children's safety. Her death choice was by snake. Which is ironic because according to Egyptian's, a snake is a key symbol. It's the animal of the God according to Greece too. Today her body is still yet to be found. Nobody actually knows what she looks like. July 12th 100 B.C.- March 15th 44 B.C. Caesar arrived in ALexandria (city in Greece)
shortly after Cleo had married her younger brother. He had his forces go and force Ptolemy out of Greece where he was then known to have drowned in the Nile. It was then Caesar restored his throne.
Cleo. was 21 when he and Cleopatra had met, they became companions around then as well. They had one child together, whom was named Caesarion. (also known as little Caesar)
44 B.C. Julius was murdered and Cleo then returned to Egypt. When she returned she had her brother (the Pharaoh) killed so she could be the pharaoh. Marc was Cleopatra's lover sometime after Julius Caesar. He had twins with her by 40 B.C.
Soon after he left her and married with Octavia, his Co leader's sister.
By 37 B.C. he returned to Cleo and had another child named Ptolmy Philadelhos.
Marc commited suicide in 30 B.C. 11 days before Cleopatra took her own life as well. Julius Caesar Marc Anthony Ruler of Rome Ruler of Greece Cleopatra was born in Greece. She has no Egyptian blood whats so ever. Her father was a ruler of Greece but he also was later banned from it. Her goal was to bring back the Dynasty of the Ptolemies. Another goal was to share some power in Rome. She was very single-minded but her ambitions were high. And some more about Cleo Cleo's Death jlflkjjk rkfjadklfjljljgal 1:26- 2:07 By Brittney
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