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Cascade Red Fox

All about the Cascade Red Fox

Lucy LaDoe

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Cascade Red Fox

The Cascade Red Fox is, you guessed it! Red! It has black feet and eats mice and squirrels. They Live on mountains.
Here are some special facts!
Protect The Cascade Red Fox!
Human Impact and Stakeholders
Special Facts
Human Impact:
The Cascade Red Fox has thicker fur than regular red foxes so that they can survive the cold of a mountain.
Foxes send out warning calls to other foxes when they are in danger.
Prezi By: Lucy LaDoe
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Cascade Red Fox has a fluffy coat, but that's why people hunt it. I think that the Cascade Red Fox should become a threatened species, not a candidate species. Here's why.
Cascade Red Fox
Intro To The Cascade Red Fox
The End!!!
People hunt the Cascade Red Fox for fur.
Hunters are stakeholders because if the Cascade Red Fox were extinct, they wouldn't be able to hunt them for fur to sell in order to make money.
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