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geometry in cars

No description

James Biondi

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of geometry in cars

Geometry in Cars
Geometry is present in automobiles in several ways. Outside and inside, when designing a car, designers use geometry to determine efficiency, power, speed, and fuel economy to create a driving machine with the best features as possible. Aerodynamics Aerodynamics may be the most obvious relation to geometry. Angles and the shape of the exterior of a car are very important to speed and efficiency of a vehicle. Aerodynamics is the way that the car moves through the air when driving. The goal is to reduce the amount of drag so that it may move faster and use less fuel. Wheels and Tire The size of the wheels on a car are very important to performance. A taller wheel may allow a vehicle to reach a higher top speed while a shorter tire allows the vehicle to accelerate faster. The wider a tire is the more traction it has on the road but also causes drag. Designers find the best dimensions and measurements to get the best performance. In the Engine Geometry is found under the hood as well. The engine is the most important part of the performance of a vehicle and can get very complicated. Often people assume that the more cylinders in a car, the more power it outputs. Volume does relate to the performance of a vehicle, but is measured in compression ratio (formula above). A car
with a higher compression ratio but less cylinders will have
a greater performance. Without getting too complicated,
greater volume is usually
better, and is what I will
use for word
problems. Spoilers Spoilers on cars often are placed for looks, but on performance vehicles, spoilers are installed for speed and handling. On an aircraft, wings act provide lift to hold a plane in the air. On a car, a spoiler does the opposite. It provides negative lift that holds a vehicle to the ground. Car designers must consult their knowledge of geometry when making a spoiler because if the angle is incorrect, the affects will negatively affect the performance.
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