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Technology Inventions 1900-1920

No description

Andy Worden

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology Inventions 1900-1920

Stainless steel was invented in 1916.
It is also called inox steel.
It is corrosion resistant. 1916 The teddy bear was created by Morris Michtom.
It was named after Theodore Roosevelt.
Morris was inspired by a drawing or Roosevelt and a bear cub. 1902 In 1900 the zeppelin was invented by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.
He was inspired by a lecture on air travel.
The first zeppelin took flight on July 20, 1900. 1900 The pop up toaster was invented by Charles Strite in 1919.
He then applied for a patent after creating his toaster.
The patents were approved in 1920 and pop up toasters were available to the public. 1919 Pyrex was invented by Eugene Sullivan and William Taylor.
Pyrex is a heat resistant type of glass.
Eugene and William had to make a low-expanding glass.
The glass could withstand very high temperatures. 1915 The Morgan gas mask was invented in 1914.
Garret Morgan invented it at this time.
It absorbs and filters oxygen and harmful gases. 1914 The first tank was made and patented in 1912.
It is designed for front-line combat.
Most people say Leonardo da Vinci foresaw the production of the tank. 1912 The first seaplane was invented in 1911 by Glenn H. Curtiss.
This plane could take off and land on water.
On January 26, 1911, he made his first successful flight on water. 1911 Claude showed off neon lighting before the lamp was officially made.
The lamps are usually orange.
They have several colors. 1910 The Model T was sold.
It is the first affordable automobile.
It was designed by Hungarian immigrants. 1908 The first piloted helicopter, was made and flown in 1907.
It was invented by a French engineer, Paul Cornu.
His helicopter design was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.
His flight was about 1 foot off the ground and lasted for 20 seconds. 1907 William Kellogg invented cornflakes.
They were invented by complete and total accident.
Rice Krispies went on sale in 1928. 1906 An eleven-year-old, Frank Epperson, invented the popsicle in 1905.
He left soda (with the stirring stick still in) out on his porch overnight.
He returned in the morning to find it frozen on the stick. 1905 Thomas Sullivan invented teabags.
Teabags have had several shapes.
There is a broad variety of teas. 1904 The Thompson submachine gun was invented in 1920.
It is also called the Tommy gun.
Al Capone was a famous user of the Tommy gun. 1920 The cruise missile was invented Lawrence Sperry.
It was first called an aerial missile.
It is used in wars still today. 1917 An English journalist, Arthur Wynne, was the creator of the crossword puzzle.
Arthur was from Liverpool, England.
The crosswords started to attract attention in the 1920’s.
They then started to become a regular occurrence in newspapers. 1913 Instant coffee was invented by George Washington (not the president) in 1909.
He then founded his company of coffee in 1910.
Washington was originally from Belgium.
He then immigrated to the USA in 1918. 1909 Crayons were invented in 1903 by Harold Smith and Edward Binney.
They experimented with different mediums for kids to draw with.
Previously made a wax crayon for marking barrels which was far too toxic for kids. 1903 Hubert Booth invented the first vacuum cleaner in 1901.
Inspired after watching a machine that blew dust off.
He thought it would be more logical to have a machine that sucked up dust.
Booth originally didn’t sell his machine but, instead, selling cleaning services. 1901 Inventions from 1900- 1920 By: Andy Worden and Aaron Vaith
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