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Prestigious Sports Cars

No description

stella kyriakis

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Prestigious Sports Cars

Prestigious Sports Cars
Stella Kyriakis 6179657 - Ferrari 30 California
David Wells 6156525 - Audi TT S
Phillip Brown 6138667 - Jaguar XKR - S

Engine type 4.3 litres- 90 V8 with direct fuel injection
49 ohp with maximum torque climbing to 505
Fuel consumption combined 1.3 litre/100km
Maximum speed 194mph, 312km/
Transmission is dual clutch with 7 gears. In this way the gear change occurs in close to zero times and without wheel torque interruption
Retractable hard top
Cover and roof move simultaneously for a total cycle of 14 seconds
Boot capacity 260 litres with the roof down and 340 litres when closed

The California 30 is inspired by the 250 California 1957. It was the first four seater providing 140 mph top speed and it has evolved from a 3.0 litre engine to a 4.3 litre. Its original price in 1958 was $12.500 and in 1964 it was auctioned for $242.712.This proves the steady value of the legendary car.
The Ferrari 30 is value for money. The cost can range from $300.000 to over $900.000.
You have the chance to bring out your own personality. It can be customised to please the most demanding buyer. It is suitable for weekends, long journeys, shopping, going to work. It can serve various purposes.
Best Features
30 horse power more powerful
30 kilos lighter
7 gears ensure greater driving, less maintenance

Welcome to an awe-inspiring journey with the archangels of the road!
This presentation aims to familiarize you with three of the most magnificent cars the automobile industry has to offer.
You will be ‘driven’ through the thrilling sensation of the Ferrari California 30, through the eyes of Stella Kyriakis., while David Wells will describe the relaxed comfort and discreet luxury of the Audi TTS. Last but not least Phillip Brown will be introducing you to Jaguar’s explosive and powerful XKR-S.
In this journey, we three will share with you the secrets that make these cars so special. You will become acquainted with their long history and state-of-art details that anyone would envy.

The Audi TT S
The Audi TT was designed by Freeman Thomas, J Mays and Martin Smith for Volkswagon in their studio in California, Audi being a Volkswagon subsidiary. Its development
started in mid 1994 and in 1995
the TT concept was unveiled at
the Frankfurt Motor Show. From
1998 onward Audi has built and
distributed the TT in Gyor,
Hungary. (CarAuto Portal, 2008)

• Engine type 2.0 litres - in-line four-cylinder with direct fuel injection
• DOHC with variable valve timing
• Turbocharged
• Power (SAE): 265 hp @ 6,000 rpm; 258 ft lb of torque @ 2,500 rpm
• Takes premium unleaded fuel
• Fuel consumption combined 9.8litre/100km
• Computer limited max speed of 250km/h
• 6 speed Manual or 6 speed S-Tronic transmissions available
• Boot capacity 290 litres, 700 litres combined with back cabin with seats down
(Motortrend 2013)
The Ferrari 30 Calfornia
A top of the line Audi TT S costs $116,000 brand new, or between $42,000 and $93,000 second hand. For these prices the TT is quite good value for money, considering the quality of the vehicle. The TT S comes with a vast amount of features and is perfect for a comfortable, everyday luxury vehicle. (whatcar 2013)
Audis have a very recognizable shape, but the TT in particular is well known among car enthusiasts.
Best Features

Enjoyable to drive, the perfect car to take on winding mountain roads.
Standard TT models commonly thought of as best value coupe sports cars available. (Edmunds 2013)
The Jaguar XKR-S was introduced to the market in 2011, as a display of Jaguar’s engineering and design excellence in building fast yet beautiful cars. This car was based on the XKR model, with increases in performance and handling it was the first production Jaguar to enter the 300km/hr bracket (Jaguar Landrover 2011).
• Engine type 5.0ltrs – Supercharged V8 with spray guided direct fuel injection
• Maximum Power is 404 Kilowatts between 6,000 and 6,500 RPM and maximum torque of 680 Newton metres between 2,500 and 5,500 RPM.
• Fuel consumption combined 12.3 litres / 100km
• Maximum speed 300km / hour
• Six speed automatic transmission
• Boot capacity is 330 litres for the Coupe models and for the convertibles models it is 313 litres with the roof up and 200 litres with roof down (Jaguar Landrover n.d.).

Priced from $299,000 brand new, the XKR-S presents good value for money considering it can be driven on the road as well as the racetrack. A used version ranges from $194,800 - $211,00, a substantial reduction from the new price (Automated Data Services 2013). A selling point for a used car buyer is that most used XKR-S have only travelled between 10,000 and 20,000 kilometers.
The Jaguar XKR-S
Aluminium construction reduces overall weight combined with the powerful supercharged engine allowing an acceleration of 0 to 100km/hr in 4.2 seconds (Jaguar Landrover 2011).
As shown, the three cars presented, although similar in terms of prestige and market appeal, are notably different in price, performance, value and features. Historically, the cars come from very different eras and regions of Europe. The Ferrari California has the most classic appeal, given it was designed in the 1950s. The Jaguar is in the middle of the price range but is arguably more suited to a racetrack rather than an everyday street car. The most economically viable car is definitely the Audi TT, with an even mixture of performance, value and luxury. All three cars are designed primarily for the wealthy sporting car enthusiasts.
(Jaguar Landrover 2011)
(Roger Hart 2012)

(The Race Car 2011)
(Conceptcarz 2012)
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