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daniels perzi

No description

Daniel kelley

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of daniels perzi

"spring storm"
"Nothing gold can stay"
The theme of the lorax is that if we dont take care of the earth it will be lost in a trash wast land.
The theme of junkyards is that every thing good is left behind.
the theme of dump is that nother ever last
The theme of nothing gold can stay is that saver what you have because they will not last.
The theme of spring storm is that little things can make you happy
nothing ever last
grate thing discarted
The all around theme is to saver what you have because nothing ever last forever. In the lorax we need to saver trees because with out them we would die. and in junk yards is where all the discared things that we did not saver go. And in dump all the things that we like and we grew out of we just trow away even how much happyenss it gave us. and in nothing gold can stay is if we dont take care of tha earth it will be lesft behind like all of the toys and toy cars that we have left behind.
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