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Using the Toulmin Model

No description

Tricia Ebarvia

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Using the Toulmin Model

Using the Toulmin Model

The practice of naming a valedictorian should be eliminated.
The differences in GPA between top students is miniscule.
Candidates with similar GPAs are equally successfully or deserving.
Small numerical differences are not meaningfully significant.
In most cases...
Unless more clear parameters for measuring achievement can be established.
evidence, proof, data, grounds, explanations, facts, statistics, examples, opinions, experts
What does the author say to convince me of his/her claim?
thesis, main point, controlling idea
What is the author trying to prove?
(can be implicit)
"common ground"
accepted beliefs and values, generally accepted views
almost always unstated, implied
Why is it true that the evidence supports the claim?

What does the author assume the audience knows or believes?
additional information that gives the warrant its authority
the differences in GPA are so small (support), in most cases (qualifier),
, the practice of naming a valedictorian should end (claim),
candidates with similar GPAs are equally successful (assumption)
on account of
small differences are statistically insignificant (backing),
a clearer measurement of achievement is available (reservation).
Grades should be abolished because they add stress to the learning experience.
Because (support)... therefore (qualified claim)... since (assumption)... on account of (backing)... unless (rebuttal)...
Try this
Then this
Until you buy me a diamond, I won't know you love me! (a.k.a. "Single Ladies" by Beyonce)
HW: Finish #3-8, pp. 128-129
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