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Kristal Water

No description

Liana Yena

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Kristal Water

You should buy
Kristal Water because:
You can buy our products in
supermarkets, convenience and health food stores.
Kristal Water
Make your body happy.
The secret is in the rocks in Alaska.
We will offer a range of water brands, which provide consumers with additional choice when selecting safe, appealing ways to obtain refreshment and the hydration necessary to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.
Kristal Water will come in all shapes and sizes.

- ideal for your active kids or a healthy lunchbox drink.
- great for keeping hydrated on the move – be it in the car, when keeping fit or on-the-go with the family.
- great for the fridge. Kristal Water 1.5 litre packs fit snugly in the fridge door so a chilled glass of water is always at hand.
- great for keeping you topped up with our refreshing Natural Water.
– great for families and festivals alike.

The water category will include:

natural mineral water
which is sourced from underground springs, which are pure and do not require treatments

spring water,
sourced from natural springs, which may have varying levels of mineral content

processed water,
which is subjected to filtering and purification treatments before being bottled

At the same time, we will broaden the range of flavours and tastes of water products to further extend consumer options, particularly in the health and wellness category.
Among the more than 30 different water brands available through our system, we will introduce waters flavoured with fruits, berries and herbal extracts, and supplemented with vitamins.
That's interesting ...

The price we charge is just right for the purest bottled water.
Kristal Water should be targeted at people of all ages.

There are four strategies to promote a brand:

celebrity endorsement
product placement in films
direct marketing
. sponsorship
Looking at the comments, advertising influences what people are buying. So we will use celebrity endorsement. As for celebrity endorsement, we will feature
Jennifer Aniston.
She is a successful actress who looks young, fresh and has a wonderful figure for a 40-year-old woman.
That's interesting ...
KRISTAL has few minerals and nothing is added to the water to change its taste.
KRISTAL has a really fresh taste.
KRISTAL is suitable for the whole family anywhere.
If you want to be like they...
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