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This is my first prezi so no flames please. I am a huge Dragonvale fan and I am level 50. I have been playing Dragonvale since September 25 2011 and I love it.

Naser Issa

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Dragonvale

Backflip studios The Rarest and most valuable dragon is... Dragonvale ...Kairos! This legendary dragon can only be obtained by getting all the pieces of The Cronolith, The Time Claw, and The Perch of Kairos. When you obtain all the pieces, Kairos will appear every 4 days to accelerate 6 hrs. time. Fun Fact: This dragon does not have an egg and it cannot be bought, only the pieces of The Cronolith, Time Claw, and Perch of Kairos can be bought; but you can only buy 1 piece at a time. It is not a limited dragon, but it only can be bought at Lvl. 17+. Main Dragons There are eight basic elements: plant, earth, fire, cold, lightning, water, air and metal. Basic elemental dragons can produce a certain set of hybrid dragons by being paired in the breeding cave or epic breeding island. There are also special dragons (Sun, Moon, Apocalypse, Double Rainbow). The special Dragons are very hard to get. Epic and legendary dragons The Beginning and
Backflip Studios. Dragonvale was released by Backflip studios on September 15 2011. Wikipedia's explanation is "Dragonvale is a breeding simulation in which players display dragons in habitats in order to earn dragoncash. Dragon cash is a currency with No actual value. " This all is true and the max level is lvl 35 unless your device is Jailbroken. If anyone knows a Dragonvale Hack without a survey, please comment with the link. If you have reached level 50 (which is nearly impossible unless you work at Backflip studios or have a jailbroken device), I truly congratulate you. Limited dragons There are a number of limited or rare dragons that are only available during a specific period of time. For example, the Ghost dragon for Halloween and the Reindeer dragon for the winter holidays. Limited dragons are often released with alongside a limited park decoration. Limited dragons include the gemstone dragons, which go together with the monthly birthstones. Gemstone dragons earn gems rather than dragoncash. Gems are an important part of dragonvale and without them, the game can become quite slow; the main ways to acquire gems are to trade with game center and Facebook friends or to buy them; it is also possible to get them by entering your dragons in the colosseum and race track. credits Thanks to Backflip Studios,Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Dragonvale Wiki. There is a small number of Epic dragons, namely the Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Treasure, Seasonal and Olympus dragons. The new epic dragon, The Apocalypse Dragon came out at the end of december and at the start of January. The double Rainbow dragon is the rarest yet. More Info Players raise dragons to adults by feeding them treats. Using shrines, players can raise their dragons beyond level 10. Dragons can be bought from the market for gems or DragonCash. Players can also buy new islands to make space for more habitats. All dragons have different dragoncash earn rate. For example, a gift dragon at level 1 can only earn 11 dragoncash per minute while a rainbow can earn 600 per minute at level 10. To have your dragons earn more cash, you may feed them treats grown from the treat farms or won from the racetrack or earned from the completion of missions. Hybrid Dragons Hybrid dragons are dragons you get by breeding 2 basic, 1 basic and 1 hybrid, or 2 hybrid dragons. Most are not rare but hybrid dragons with 3 elements require 2 hybrid dragons that share one element as the 3 element dragon and one other element. For example: a sonic and a firefly dragon get you a butterfly dragon. You have a higher chance of getting a 3 element dragon at the epic breeding island + = Firefly- Fire+electric sonic- Air + electric Butterfly-air+electric+fire By: Naser Issa By: Naser Issa The Apocalypse Dragon Dragon Races! Dragon Races are races dragons can compete in. I edited in Wikipedia "The racetrack is a place where players can "gamble" with their dragons, to race, you select a dragon you already have, but to win, you must choose carefully. For example, "Shimmering Faultline" is the name of a race, as this is a race decorated with signs of lightning dragons and their hybrids. Seeing this, you should choose a dragon with lightning as an element. For example, using a firefly dragon might bring you victory, but a plant dragon will just waste your time and cash. Each race demands a price of 50,000 dragoncash, but if you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you will be able to "Spin The Wheel", doing so, you may win great prizes." Also, in "Shimmering Faultline", the Crystal or Emerald Dragon are the best dragons in this track. Thank You! If there is anything I missed, please tell me! I hope you learned something new! Toodles!
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