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American Influence In Australia in the 1970s

By Wilson, Chris & Neil

Wilson Huang

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of American Influence In Australia in the 1970s

Bibliography Accessed 29/05/2014
Our Ties with America
The Food
Saturday, December 31, 1979
Vol MCMLXX, No. 1970
Australian Culture
Daily Telegraph
How Influenced are we by America?
Australian culture had reached an identity crisis in the 70s as we had been flooded with American culture yet we still had our roots with british culture and sports. However with the legal barriers down for multi-ethnic immigration we soon were flooded with people of all kinds, along with them came their cultures
With our culture still very new it could be very easily influenced by country's cultures which it was.

Though we were slowly creating our own culture we were still highly Americanized by our exposure to America television and music. The American influence on Australia had nearly killed our movie industry and created a culture of fast food which is still affecting us however it had allowed us to realize that it's impossible for us to maintain a set culture but rather a mixing of culture in which we pride ourselves today. For the better or worse their influence had very much shaped the Australia we know today.
In the 1970s a lot of our culture was influenced by America including our food and shopping. These included the opening of many food chains and new technology.
One of the key features was the number of chains especially fast food chains. Nowadays all of these chains are everywhere which shows how significant these chains have become. In this period new technology also influenced how we shopped most noticeably the bar code. although we have our own food culture because of the many fast food chains and products we get from America we are still influenced by American food culture even to today.

The impact of this American influence on Australia’s entertainment during the 1970s was that Australian television, music and even cinema were beginning to struggle to stay aloft amongst many of the American made products and films. In addition to this the Australian film industry started struggling, hundreds if not thousands of Australians under the film and television industry started losing their jobs. The benefit of Americas influence during the 70s was the variety and diversity of programs and music being offered Australians. Overall it can safely be said that America had a massive impact on Australia’s entertainment industry during the 1970s through through films, television programs and music.
How Influenced Were We By America?
Australia was heavily influenced by the American culture in the 1970s. Their constant bombardment of their culture such as their movies and food had established their influence in Australia. Their influence in Australia had lasting effects on Australian culture which still resonates nowadays which proves how popular effective the bombardment of American culture was. American fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or Hungry Jacks proved to be very popular with Australian culture and proved so by having been here for so long and how Australians have recognized it to be part of our culture. Another heavy impact on Australian culture were American blockbuster movies such as Star Wars or Jaws. In total, as a country we were heavily influenced by American culture throughout the 70s.
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