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Reflections on Telecommunications

No description

Heather Ratledge

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Reflections on Telecommunications

Activities Networking IVC Training Technology Department Setting up the Wireless Network Project People MS, HS, &
Early College
Mebane Masters Working with these folks
reminds me how much I need
to prepare my students to think differently and work collaboratively. Mr. Bridgewater,
my principal Mr. B helped me to
understand the
political side of
education when our
project fell apart. Butch
and the
Tech Department These folks do so much
for this county with
little thanks. I have a
new appreciation for their
hard work and effort that they give everyday to keep the county's technology running smoothly. Sara Rhyne &
Dorene Bates Dorene and Sara have been
huge assets to me when
I am looking for a different tool or idea to use with my students and when I have technical issues that I can't handle myself. Self-Analysis I have learned a great
deal about networking, how things are wired, and how to set up a wireless network. I was able to help my neighbor set up his wireless network. I gained a huge insight on the "politics of education" as we worked on our project. I think the thing that has stuck with me the most is finding ways to teach students and their parents about internet safety. Impact on Education After reading so many articles and seeing those videos on internet safety, I felt that I needed to do something for my students and school. I am currently working on a unit for the entire school to use to teach students how to be safe on the internet. I am also working to put together a policy for internet use and consequences for inappropriate behavior while using the internet. I also plan to incorporate more IVC opportunities for my students. I know that making as many real-world connections for these students helps them in so many ways. Through our IVC training, I now have a website that has lots of opportunities and ideas for IVC instruction. I am now looking for professionals that also have access to IVC equipment or a webcam so that they can talk directly to my students helping them see where math is used in the real world. Goals Work with the Tech Department to help with computer issues.
Present staff development opportunities for teachers to learn about internet safety and making their classroom more interactive.
Continue to work with the STEM-ICT program @ ASU to create virtual environments for students.
Create a unit on Internet Safety for teachers to use with their students.
Develop a policy for dealing with inappropriate behaviors while using technology.
Continue to create engaging, project-based activities for my students. Group Contribution I enjoy working with these folks. They are dedicated and only want the best for their students. I think we would probably all agree that the next time we choose a project, we will check with someone before beginning. My Reflections
on Telecommunications The afternoon that we spent with the tech department was eye-opening to say the least. I had no idea what it takes to maintain a county-wide technology plan. These people work very hard to keep an eye on all of the viruses, threats, and technical issues. They also install every computer and ran most of the lines in the county. I appreciate their time with us and all the time that they spend keeping us up and running. My favorite part was helping to run the wire! I had never set up a
wireless network before so
I was very excited to see it
done and to help with that project. After helping with that project, I was able to help my neighbor set up his wireless network! I enjoy trouble-shooting technical issues because it challenges me to think in different ways. I am working to find ways to teach my students how to trouble-shoot problems and THINK in a different way. I enjoyed learning about how networking works. I didn't know how information got from one place to another, how firewalls worked, or that it matters where and how you run cable. I had only used the IVC equipment one time before this semester and I really didn't "do it" because my tech facilitator was there to help. I know that I can now get the equipment, initiate a call, and operate it. IVC provides a wealth of untapped resources for teachers to use with their students. You can use it to view a program or to talk with professionals in the field. We used the IVC equipment in our project to talk with Mr. Grey about the new high school as well as for the students to talk to each other. I plan to use the IVC equipment next week to include a 5th grader in my math class when he can't be with us because of scheduling conflicts. Our project was a valuable
learning experience in more ways
than I expected. Having Mr. Grey, the
civil engineer for the new high school, talk to the students about STEM as well as the new high school was great. The kids were excited about the project and worked hard to complete their part. I also thought it was great that Mr. Grey challenged the students to solve another problem based on drawings from the new high school (we didn't get to do that part). They used Google Sketchup to build concession stands, restrooms, ticket booths, and storage facilities for the new high school if they were ever needed. We were all disappointed not to be able to share their work and hear from the other groups. Thank you for working
with us this semester.
I have truly enjoyed this
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