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Riot games presentation

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111 Ch212

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Riot games presentation

Marketing Strategy
As the name implies Riot produce video games, however their current title
League of Legends is completely free to play, so how do they make money?
With these ->
Riot points
(RP) are one of the 2 ingame currencies
available in LOL, the second being Influence points (IP)
Players spend RP on convenience and cosmetic
items in-game such as skins and IP boosts.
With a skin this 'Champion' called
Mordekesier could end up looking like....
Riot games is an independent games development company
Founded in 2006
Launched their first game in 2009.
The company employs some notable member of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) community including Steve 'Guinsoo' Feak, a former developer of the Warcraft 3 map 'Defence of the Ancients'(DOTA).
Riot games has a total of 13 different 'teams'!
Leadership, Corporate, Production, Operations, Engineering, Art, Design,
Community, QA, Customer Service, UI, Marketing and Business development
Any Questions?
Quality and Experienced staff
There are actually a lot of companies that use the free to play model
Addictive game
Only 1 game
New champions
New game modes
More tournaments
Creative skins
I Overview
Riot Games in Figures
Great place to work
II League of Legends
LOL in Figures
III Marketing Strategy
Riot Points
S.W.O.T Analysis

Riot games' Headquarters is based in Santa Monica, California
7 other offices are located across the globe
Brandon Beck (center) CEO and Marc Merrill (right) President of Riot Games
League of Legends
Great place to work
Named #3 Best medium workplace in 2013
Opportunity to learn and boost your career
Bright workplace
Flexible work hours
Daily video game session
Riot games in figures
Their title :
Different games :
Classic :
5 vs 5 : Summoner's Rift
3 vs 3 : Twisted Treeline
Dominion :
5 vs 5 : The Cristal Scar
ARAM (All Random All Mid) :
5 vs 5 : Howling Abyss
1,000 Employees
$20 million for launching their first title
Revenue : $200 million
Riot Games has ties with Tencent Holdings = $400 million
Steve Mescon - Pendragon
Tom cadwell - Blizzard
Scot gelb - many games
Davis Turley - Phreak
Marketing Strategy
League of Legends
A story created by Riot Games :
Based on a new world named Valoran
With complex story about champions
Love, treason, competition...
League of Legends...
In figures !
More than 35 million monthly active players
12 million daily active players
3 million players online simultaneously
Every month, 1+ Billion hours played
Easily we can say :
New Champions and new skins every one to two month
New promotion every weeks on skins and champions
Endless game content
Marketing Strategy
LOL become a full time job for the top players
Enormous tournaments are organized
League of Legends
Compete in Season 3 : League system
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