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PPD225 Personnel Practices

No description

Jin Mitchem

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of PPD225 Personnel Practices

Group 8 Personnel Practices Jin Mitchem
Christine Anderson
Suzanne Sanchez
Jonathan Cathcart
-The methods, procedures, processes, and rules of
organizations that employ people. Within an organization, these responsibilities are under
the wing of Human Resources, or HR What Does HR do? HR HR develops policies or standards that support strategies
aimed to address personnel matter, which include:

-Organizational Development
-Behavior Management
-Performance Management
-Compensation/Benefits Management Selection/Recruitment Three major trends of hiring are demographics, diversity, as well as skills and qualifications Organizations should strive for the following standards:

-Hire solely for the position based upon stated
-No discrimination based upon race, religion,
nationality, sexual orientation, age, gender, or
physical handicap.
-Competitive salaries which attract qualified
personnel. What happens when organizations
do not abide by these standards? Volvo Manufacturing had strict height limits for workers on the line. The woman applied but was not offered a position because she was too short for the line.

Volvo was sued for discrimination and the woman won, even though the car company claimed safety reasons for hiring (and recruiting) people of a certain height, the woman argued indirect gender discrimination.

How was this case handled by Volvo Human Resources?

Volvo Human Resources made a decision when it placed a height requirement on workers.

They were trying to protect their workers and maintain efficiency; shorter workers means more straining and slower work. Volvo could have made their equipment so that a wider range of heights could have worked the line.

They also could have not had this policy in place.
Would these have been effective?
Other Solutions Expert Opinions This case has many opinions on it. It has been argued that Volvo was right in its policy-it was simply protecting its workers.
Others say the policy was too stringent and unnecessary, but the lawsuit was still a stretch.
Finally, some say that it was discrimination because of the large amount of women not allowed employment.
Volvo human Resources did handle it well by accepting the terms of the lawsuit.
Respect of organizational standards and the NASW Code of Ethics.
A system or procedures to prevent discriminatory practices.
Adequate training to develop skills and abilities.
Administrative benefit program for employees.
Availability of written standards, and policies regarding termination of employment.
The organization should adhere to the following standards:

Regard for safety in the work place.
Fulfillment of responsibilities stated in job description.
Adequate attendance.
Disclosure of any conflicts of interest.
Compliance to the organization’s rules
May include forbiddance of alcohol on the job as well as illegal drugs, concealed weapons, or sexual acts involving co-workers, patrons, or pupils.
The following are expected of employees; What if Personnel
Violate these
Expectations? •In 1997, Rachel Marsden (a student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada at the time) filed a sexual harrassment case with the university against her swim coach, Liam Donnelly.

•Donnelly also filed a sexual harrasment case against Marsden.

•Donnelly claimed no romantic involvement with Marsden.

•Marsden claims she was psychologically sexually harrassed and forced to have sex with Donnelly
Summary of Simon Fraser University Case

•After he was fired, Donnelly (with a new lawyer) came public with the case using evidence against Marsden. The evidence were ones the university refused to look at during Marsden’s hearing (including lewd e-mails and provacative pictures)

•Donnelly took his case to arbitration with the university (which he was allowed to do) and was rehired. The university ended up paying his legal fees adding to $60K
Actions of the Simon
Fraser University •Upon the his lawyer’s advisement, Donnelly did not attend the hearing in which Marsden was present

•Marsden was financially awarded for personal and educational uses. Donnelly was fired.
Questionable Processes by the University Most experts agree that Simon Fraser University did not investigate claims of sexual harassment to their necessary extent.

It would have saved the university money and unwanted publicity had they followed protocol.
Expert Opinions •Donnelly should have been mandated to go to Marsden’s hearing.

•It was found that Donnelly had a personal relationship with the university’s harrassment policy coordinator

•Donnelly’s personal relationship
with the sexual harrasment director
could have had a affect on the case
Through these cases we can see how intricate the study of personnel practices can be. As you can see, HR decisions can be very subjective, and every decision has an outcome, whether good or bad.

There are laws both federally and within companies to protect the employer and employees, which are usually effective but can be violated. It is up to the HR department and court of law to determine whether or not the parties are treated correctly. Conclusion
The policy made it so 25%-30% of the female Swedish population could not be hired but only 1%-5% of the male population.
HR and Hired Employees Expectations of Personnel In 2005 in Sweden, a woman accused
Volvo Car Manufacturers of just that.
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