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About Two Nice People

No description

Nicole Sailing

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of About Two Nice People

By: Shirley Jackson About Two Nice People The story takes place in a city apartment building where Ellen Webster lives across the hall from Walter Nesmith. They are both very nice people and their lives are similar in many ways and their apartment numbers are almost the same and so are their phone numbers. One particular morning they started talking to each other. Exposition Walter and Ellen got into an argument and are in a state of misunderstanding. A series of misadventures is beginning. Rising Action Walter apologizes to Ellen for what he said and did to her and Ellen forgives Walter. Climax Walter and Ellen could have moved on with their daily lives again but Walters aunt had pointed out that apartments are hard to come by. She wrote them both a letter which enclosed a check for a down payment on one of the most modest houses in the country. Falling Action Resolution Ellen and Walter ended up moving in together in one of teh most extremely modes houses in the country that they decided without disagreement. They compromised with each other and had four children, two boys and two girls.
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