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Innovation in STRATA processes_by Balqis Al Braiki.

Airplane Section prezi template has nice infographic style. Where is our company flying to? Highlight your ideas!. All isolated elements are adjustable in this prezi! Available at prezzip.com

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on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Innovation in STRATA processes_by Balqis Al Braiki.

take a seat...
STRATA Manufacturing Process Map
Innovation in

Manufacturing Company
Course: Management of Technology
Group members:
Submitted to Dr. Ananth Chhiravri
Innovation means introducing something new into your business
Improving or replacing business processes to increase efficiency and productivity

Developing entirely new and improved products and services

Adding value to existing products, services or markets to differentiate the business from its competitors
It was established in 2010 as composite aero-structures manufacturing facility based in UAE (Al Ain)
STRATA Manufacturing PJSC (STRATA) is a Private Join Stock Company
STRATA is wholly owned by Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company
STRATA has partnerships with some of the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) including: Boeing, Airbus and Alenia, as well as tier-one suppliers FACC AG and SABCA
and let's fly
STRATA products
Flap Track Fairing
A330 Flap Track Fairing
A380 Flap Track Fairing

A330 Spoiler

A330 Ailerons
Background of the problems
Products problems were:
Core step
Thickness not according to drawing
High Volume of Waste in bagging consumable materials
Open core cell
Open splice line
Core crush
Part damage
X-ray core defect
Process problems in STRATA are divided to:
Work managing problems

Processes problems in manufacturing the products
Analysis of the company
SWOT Analysis
Big influence on the market
Good reputation
Good R&D department
Big capital reserves
Few suppliers
High shipping cost
Emerging new market
Technological developments
Prices of row materials fluctuate highly
New competitors
Value Curve
Zones of Innovation
STRATA has adopted Kaizen method and it is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality
Innovation Life Cycle
The innovative team in STRATA argued that innovation with respect to processes is at least as important as product innovation
Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy
Strata manufacturing company follows red ocean strategy and competes with existing companies already in the market such as SABCA, CTRM and Spirit Aero-systems
Push/Pull Strategy in STRATA
STRATA supply chain includes a variety of stages or cycles including:
The boundary is between the procurement cycle and manufacturing cycle

STRATA is anticipating the customer order by using the push processes

STRATA customizes the products before manufacturing cycle by using the pull processes
Porter's Five Forces Analysis
The threat of new Entrants is

Start-up costs for aerospace manufacturing company are high

A great sum of money must be invested to attain the economies of scale

High risk and the inability to get a positive return

Complexity of assembly and testing operations

High content of labor performing complicated tasks

The threat of Substitute Products is


New materials and /or new technology can make obsolete the materials previously in common use

Changing with the latest and greatest technological advances
Bargaining Power of Suppliers is

The prime contractors in the STRATA aerospace industry have several suppliers to choose from
Bargaining Power of customers is

High competition between STRATA and other aircraft manufacturers

The switching costs for aircraft and engines are very low, which increases the buyers' power
Intensity of Rivalry among Competitors is

Number of competitors

Rate of industry growth

Product or service characteristics

Amount of fixed costs, capacity, height of exit barriers, and diversity of rivals
Innovation Networks in STRATA
STRATA collaborates with:
Technology Providers

Improve its internal innovation capabilities
expand the markets for the external use of internal innovations
Speed the development of new products and services and thus increase revenues and market share

Shorten time to market for new products and services and accelerate profits

Reduce direct spending on R&D

Improve the success rate of new products and services
Types of Networks in STRATA
Responsible for the oversight of projects from beginning to end to ensure their success.
Software and technology innovation in STRATA
What will happen?
If no managing software and innovative technologies
Low observation of critical business processes
Loss of time
Challenges to effectively manage the product record
Decrease in productivity & product quality
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software:

Establishing a single system that manages both hardware and software deliverable.

Enabling the sharing of product information throughout the organization)
Diverse functions and technologies converge through PLM, including:



In STRATA Enovia is used to create:

Product numbers

Bill of materials

Store documents, drawing and catia models
Enovia and Innovation

Enables innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration

Easy to acquire, quick to learn and effortless to master
The more complex a product, the more critical the
assembly process

Assembly can become expensive and time consuming if it is planned incorrectly or training is inadequate

Access to the 3D design data

Saving time and money
Delmia help STRATA to
design and visualize
the entire production process (
including the parts routing and work instructions
) for a digitally specified product
before deploying any physical materials and machines
In STRATA, SAP is used to:

optimize inventory levels

Fine-tune supply plans

Integrate strategic suppliers for flawless execution

It helps them a lot in manage, track, and control the parts status in the shop floor
PLM and Innovation
Benefits of applying PLM Software in STRATA
Discussion of the problems
Using physical locating templates in layup process

Using fiberglass plies locating templates for each composite ply. Each template had to be lifted by two people, and then the three had to be bolted together, pinned into the tool, scribed for the outline and then removed before the ply could be placed
This method leads to many problem such as:

It’s not accurate and it causes many costly human errors

It’s affect the production process and it’s waste time

It takes time in designing and building

It needs big storing spaces
Solutions and effects on innovation
Laser projectors:
Strata came up with innovative idea by contracting with two laser projectors suppliers (Virtek & SL- Laser) to replace all the physical templates with laser projectors by fixing them above every work station in the clean room

The Laser projection systems are being used in Strata to illuminate the work area with full size images of composite work-pieces at sequential in-process states of completion. The profile, orientation and identity of each composite ply is projected onto flat or compound contoured tools
Benefits of this innovative process:

reduce the setup time that was used in placing the physical templets

It doesn’t take place for storing it

It doesn't need inspection

Increase work efficiency by decreasing the errors
The Role of Tablets in Workplace
The New York Times reported that “tens of millions of tablets would be in use in America’s workplaces by 2015”
Do Better Business

Work Smarter, Anywhere

Everyday Business Tools
Usage of Tablets in STRATA
Raise non-conformity requests
Read the work instructions
Can open SAP, Enovia and Delmia
Check parts drawings
Parts clock in/out
Tablets Used in different Process Stages
Non-destructive testing area
Autoclave stage
Last Inspection Area
Problems of lack Alarming system in Production line
Late attention to problems in the manufacturing process

Downtime of supervisors/operators to identify and resolve manufacturing

STRATA spent time and efforts for communicating information in the production line
Applying Innovation in Production’s Alarm System:
Andon Alarm System
Refers to a status-display station
Origin of term Andon is from a Japanese word for traditional paper lantern
most common forms of visual management that is in use in production line
How it works?
Benefits of Andon Alarm System in production line:
Improve transparency: immediate reaction to quality, down time, and safety problems

Increase productivity: immediate attention to problems

Strengthen flexibility: Improve accountability of operators by increasing their responsibility when problems occur
Thank you for
your attention
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