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EDU228 Week Two: Learning with Technology

No description

Holly Atkins

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of EDU228 Week Two: Learning with Technology

"Learning with Technology"

Exit Slips
Socrative: 846844

Three things I learned in
class today...
1. Questions about syllabus?
2. Topic: Learning with Technology
3. Intro to WebQuests
4. Exit slips -- via Socrative
How can technology facilitate meaningful learning?
What are the alternative conceptions of meaningful technology use?
1. Active (Manipulative/Observant)
2. Constructive (Articulative/Reflective)
3. Cooperative (Collaborative/Conversational)
4. Authentic (Complex/Contextualized)
5. Intentional (Reflective/Regulatory)
Essential Questions:
Characteristics of Meaningful Learning
1. Read the article: "Shaping Tech for the Classroom" @ http://tinyurl.com/6lo6tm
2. Discuss article with partner
3. Question: Describe an example of each level of technology adoption
4. Share with small group
Emerging Trends: Using
21st Century Technology
Digital Natives
v. Digital Immigrants?
Form WebQuest groups of four
Engage in a "WebQuest about WebQuests" @ http://webquest.org/index-resources.php
Complete worksheet
1. View/listen to Prezi
2. Evaluate a WebQuest using the "WebQuest Rubric"
3. Complete pre-planning for group WebQuest
Select topic
Plan work timeline (due date 2/13)
Begin work on sections
Next Week:
"More Students Using Computers in High School, Grade Room, Classrooms"
ISTE = International Society for Technology in Education
NETS = National Educational Technology Standards
Read, discuss, download:
NETS*S (students)
NETS*T (teachers)
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