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Luke and Steven W7

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Luke and Steven W7

Luke and Steven W7
Thailand is a country of wide diversity. This is especially show in their geography. They have Highlands, a jungle, and multiple rivers. The countries that borer it are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Their government is a constitutional monarchy.
Phin Phia
Yuranunt Pamornmontri:
Born in January 2, 1963 in Thailand
Main instrument is his vocal ability
Musical Stadiums
Function of Music
The function of music is mostly for religious ceremony's and holidays. It's usually accompanied by the art of dance. The music is upbeat but can have a sad tone as well.
The music of Thailand is very traditional with no modern, electrical instruments. The music is often accompanied by dance. They have strange looking instruments that you would not find in North America.
Traditional Thai Music
Artist: Unknown
Music is Organized Sound
Timbre-Spring Green
Bhumibol Adulyadej:
Born June 9, 1946 in Cambridge Mass.
He is a conductor

Bell Nuntita:
Born Dec 20, 1983 in Thailand
Main instrument is her voice
They are:
Thapae stadium
Rajamangala stadium
Samunprai stadium
As you can see, Thailand is a country with elegant and rich culture, jam packed with diversity , which is clearly stated in its music. It has very strange and rare instruments never seen in the Americas. People who haven't heard Thai music haven't experienced the beauty that is consisted in it. Clearly, the Thai artists have worked extremely hard at what they do. The music can be used by them to express themselves.
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