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John Hopkins Middle School

No description

Jason Mememr

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of John Hopkins Middle School

Moving Forward
Why are
we here?
Game Plan for a Winning Season!
Determined to Achieve Terrific Accuracy
Celebrating Success - Students with no referrals!
John Hopkins Middle School
6th Grade State of the Union Assembly

Your teachers want to make sure you are able to achieve greatness. If you are struggling or just want a quick review, we are here to assist you after school from 4:20 - 5:20 Monday - Thursday!
All students should utilize this valuable tool to help them reach academic excellence.

Make sure you are copying down essential learnings, homework, and using this tool to reach your goals.
What does it
all mean?
We are here to see you succeed.
John Hopkins Middle School is a great place to be!

Every Student Every Day Academic and Social Success

560 total points on the 2014 FCAT – 3.0 GPA for every student in every class on every assignment.

Be On Time!
Starting this marking period, the tardies will reset every 2 six weeks instead of once a year. It is vital to our school goal that you are in class from bell to bell learning as much as possible.
It is very important for you to ALWAYS know what your grades look like, and where your are in each of your study areas. Make it a point to constantly check Portal and progress towards a 3.0 in ALL of your classes.
Exceed Expectations
Be on time
Be prepared
Be on task
Be engaged
Be a leader

Pedro Gonzalez
Leasia Gordon
Gracie Gordy
Kayla Green
Violet Green
Sierra Haas
Denise Hall-PaPaleo
Jada Hallums
Cameron Harff
David Harlan
Victor Harrington
Deja Hartzell
Kenzhia Haskins
Calvin Hayes
Johnathon Healy
Abigail Pace
Karissma Pagan
India Patterson
Imani Paxton
Karynah Pena'Quintana
Sarah Phetsadasack
Legacy Phillips
Riley Pitzen
Kaylee Pompey
Essex Potts
Emerson Quilty
Bryan Rasco
Julianna Raymond
Maya Reissman
Jeremiah Richardson
Brnadon Singh
Clarence Skinner
Jaeden Slomic
Elizaveta Smirnova
Raymaya Smith
Shuntavia Smith
Ana Sorgi
Kelticia Speights
Robert Stephens
Jersey Stewart
Kijana Stewart
Autumn Stipe
D'Yana Stubbins
Nadia Szakacs
Barry Thach
Thamey Thach
Jo Thomas
Jasmine Thongdeng
Trevor Uhlmann
Jaden Vilese
Alexander Vorasane
Aaliyah Walker
Carlos Walker
Toby Wall

Amaiya Waters
Jennifer Waters
Doriona Watson
Ay'Ria Webb
Sera Wentworth
Charnise White
Jennifer White
Brandon Williams
Roishar Williams
Sharah Wilson
Sayvon Wilson
Akeima Witchard
Lauren Workman
Kimberly yantz
Kenneh Young
Macey Zeh-Arndt
James Acevedo
Zuleyla Acevedo
Julieus Adams
Michelle Aldas
Erykah Alexander
Mikaella Alsotn
Aidan Anderson
Nadin Antonova
Asia Arrington

Felicity Asencio
Elizabeth Atwood
Evely Beatty
Luke Bilsborough
Isabella Bodnar
Cierra Bohannan
Alaysia Boyd
Briyonna Boyd
Michael Bragg
Roxia Brailsford
Savion Brightful
Mekhi Brooks
Malaysia Brown
Samora Brown
Asia Bryant
Siarra Byers
Tony Canfall
Isabella Catalina
Kristi Chitphaiboon
Jacquez Clemons
Arijana Collins
Douglas Collins
Alexa Conard
Cyndi Cordero
Tineka Corouthers
Janna Cosme
Natalie D'Alessandro
Isabella David
Bryonce Davis
Keondrick Davis
Eloisa DeCoster
Joseph Dennis
Phileshia Dennis
Tara Denson
J'zias Douse
Ian Dunham
Michael Dwire
Alize Earnest
Alyssa Eisenhutg
Kelci Elliot
Sharabi Ellis
Elizabeth Englander
Que'Dasha Ervin
Sthefani Fernandez
Isaiah Fields
Seth Fitch
Nadzumie Flores
Keondre Fordham
K'myah Frazier
Athena Fritz
Zighvel Fulsom
Damiano Gallina
Kristine Gallup
Chloe Gay
Amaya Glover
Christian Hedeen
Megan Holmes
Travon Holmes
Patricia Holt
Jatrell Hope
Teayonia Hope
Bella Howard
Ta'Ziyah Howard
Angel Hunter
Jarquail Hurskin
Danielle Hurtubise
Delvaughn Inmon
Richard Jenkins
Morgan Jensen
Keyshawn Johnson
Sierra Johnson
Jayda Jones
Andrey Judnath
Seey Kim
Sothiavi Kim
Ahmaya King
EJ'ramel King
Steven Lallamant
Ze'veon Larry
Irvin Lawrence
Jonathan lawrence
Meghan Leavitt
Michael Lester
Uhmyjai Livingston
Viviana Luu
Charles Maddox
Nicholas Madole
Jihad Major
Zahir Madonado
Madison Manke
Adora martin
Alexis Martin
Zavea Martin
Angelice Martinez
Shelby Maxwell
Willow McCalpin
Ryan McDonald
Erin McGilvery
Lacy McKee
Anastasia Melton
Brad Miller
Zierra Miller
Kira Minor
Michael Mongo
Antoniece Morgan
Connor Morse
Leslie Murphy
Devaughn Nelson
Thomas Niblack
Karlee Nichols
Asia Norfolk
Royce Norton
Amanda Nottoli
Kristopher Oliveros
Gabriel Oliveros
Latrice Roberts
Amariah Robinson
Williena Robinson
Phoebe Roess
Ariana Romero
Dysauni Rory
India Ross
Milton Sagastume
Jalen Sanders
Kye Santiago
Cydney Schweinsberg
Jarves Scruggs
Timofei Sennikov
Syerra Simmons
Shilah Simon
We need your help
to make sure we reach our goal of 560 3.0!

Together we ALL win!
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