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Presentation for Professional Businesswomen Society

Michael Cox

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Dahill

Learning to write a great resume
Learning how to conduct a proper job search
Feeling at ease during an interview
5 to 20
150 to 900+
The average number of Resumes received by Google each day! That’s 474,500/yr!!! How will you stand out?
The average number of seconds a recruiter/hiring manager takes to select or discard your resume.
The average cost of a professional resume writer. The average job seeker will have approx 10 to 12 (real) jobs in a lifetime. That equates to $1,500 to $9,000 if you had your resume written professionally each time!
%age of real jobs that are actually posted on job boards and company website!
So, what's the point of a resume anyway?
Marketing Tool
Quick summary of YOU
Written communication
What do you bring to the table?
The Nuts & Bolts
Personal Info
Objective Statement
Alternatives to the Objective Statement
Other Sections
Personal Info
Keep it in the header.
Use your common name.
List your physical address. (you can include City, State & Zip only)
List your email address (keep it professional!)
List only 1 phone number (professional outgoing message)
Objective Statement
It's not about you it's about them! What can you do for them to save them money, make them money or make their lives easier?
You can use this section as a marketing tag line too.
Try this... Write this down on a separte sheet of paper and use it as a guide. Now go thru your resume and make sure that your resume is focused on THAT objective.
Again make it "employer-centric"
Alternatives to the Objective Statement
Summary of Qualifications / Core Competencies
Leading off your resume with a bullet point "PRECAP" or quick summary of what you have to offer is a great way to capture the attention of both the humans and machines reviewing your resume.
Use fragment sentences and bullet points.
Basic Goals
Blurb about the Company (1 LINE ONLY!)
Job Title
Blurb about your position (2 lines MAX!)
How to build your Accomplishments
Start with an action verb.
Follow with THE RESULT.
Be quantitative not qualitative!!!
Keep it to just 1 line per accomplishment
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