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No description

Jakob Pliler

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of SEGA!!!!!!!!!

Double click anywhere & add an idea Marty Bromley first created standard games for military units.
Who invented this company and why? Then he changed it to service games years later. This was in Japan for reasons such as to get rich. How many systems were sold in the U.S., what was there slogans, and what are they? They made only five systems in the U.S. The first one sold was the Master system. There slogan was "Now There Are No Limits". Then they made the Genesis. That ones slogan was "Sega Does What Nintendon't". Then they came out with the Game Gear . Its slogan is "We Have A missing Boy Here That Goes By The Name Game". Then thats when they made the saturn to beat nintendos 64. There slogan was "Sega!!!!!". Finnally they made the Dreamcast. Its slogan was "Its Thinking". When was it invented and how many times has it been changed? When it was first created as standered games it was 1940. Then in 1952 they changed it to SErvice GAmes (get the point). Then it was changed to selling computer systems such as the SG1000 and the SG1000 2. Finnaly they changed to SEGA co. in 1987 to start making systems we use today
And that is the end of my project but remember "SEGA Does What Nintendon't". Now time to show what Sega really has for us.
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