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Joaquin "el chapo" Guzman captured Saturday, February 22, 20

No description

Michael Way-Montiel

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Joaquin "el chapo" Guzman captured Saturday, February 22, 20

Mexico and U.S wish to try him and imprison or "put him down"
"From New York to Chicago, Texas to San Diego, Guzman and his lieutenants are named in indictments for marijuana, cocaine and heroin trafficking, as well as racketeering, money laundering, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder." -CNN.com Article
Leadership Relevance
Player 1: Mexico and United States.
Player 2: Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman
Three Solutions
Joaquin Guzman is extracted to the U.S and is tried here

Joaquin Guzman is kept in Mexico and is tried there

Mexico and U.S come to an agreement about what they are going to do with him.
Leadership, Mr. Smith, P.6
Saturday, February 22, 2014.
Michael Way
Joaquin "el chapo" Guzman Captured.
What happened?
Best Solution
Joaquin Guzman is one of Mexico's most wanted Fugitives. He is a Sinaloa Cartel boss. He escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001 and since then committed various crimes all over the U.S and Mexico. Cases against him are requested in New York and many other U.S Jurisdictions.

The U.S wishes to extract him from Mexico and give him a trial here and place him in a maximum security prison or put him to death.

Mexico wishes to try him there and imprison him there.

I think the best solution is the second one. I believe Mexico should decide what to do with him because he has committed the most crimes there and that is his home land.
Joaquin "el chapo" Guzman captured Saturday, February 22, 2014
CNNMexico.com and CNN's Ray Sanchez and Evan Perez contributed to this report
Many people despised this man because he caused over a thousand deaths, kidnappings, rapes, and conspiracy murders. This shows his lack of morals and his unethicality. Although, he did sometimes show warmth toward his people because from the money he had and stole, he provided for many families in Mexico that he cared for. Although, this does not excuse all the crimes he has committed.
Three Questions
1. Who do you think should decide what happens to "el chapo"? Mexico or the United States?
2. Do you believe he should be put on death row?
3. Joaquin Guzman has thousands of followers. Do you think they will "bust a mission" to bust him
out of prison?
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