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Up & Go

"It's soy good!"

Hannah Martin

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Up & Go

"It's Soy Good!" Up & Go Overview of Sanitarium Founded in 1990 by Edward Halsey

Sanitarium is proudly 100% New Zealand owned, they have developed a reputation for manufacturing quality health and vegetarian food products

At Sanitarium they believe that a really ‘quick’ breakfast and a really ‘good’ breakfast should not be mutually exclusive, this is why they invented Up&Go liquid breakfast
SWOT Analysis Strengths:
100% New Zealand owned company
Website that is dedicated to Up&Go
High brand awareness
Health benefits
Unique product
Lack of competition
Bulk purchase
Limited capacity 250ml
Bulk purchase
Social Networking
Broadening their Target Market
Competition (new entries)
External changes (Govt, policies, taxes)
Lower cost competitors or imports
Main Competitors Primo Extremo

Fairly new to the NZ Market

Heavly advertised brand (Mainly TV & Radio)

Have their own Website
Meadow Fresh Calci-Trim Liquid Breakfast

Well-Known Brand

Mainly use TV and Magazine to advertise
Advertising Strategy & Objectives Strategy:

To create a new range of Up&Go products that will cater directly to our new target auidence (Vegeterians, Vegans, Lactose intolerant)

To raise awareness of the new Up&Go product within the clearly identified target market
Trial objective - to encourage customers to make an initial purchase of a new product
Michelle Johnson 0948572
Jaimee Croot 0775997
Hannah Martin 0701139
Sally Sutherland 0173588 Advertising Message Alternative breakfast option

Not just for vegans or those with special dietary requirements

Has benefits for a wider range of people
eg. High in calcium, low in sugar and
salts,cholesterol free and contains vitamin B12

Advertising Message Cont. Have an open ended message – “So why not try it?”

Use of humour - ‘Humorous ads are often the best known and best remembered of all advertising messages’ (Advertising and Promotion, 2009)

“It’s Soy Good!”

Use of Stereotypes Advertising Creative Strategy
Use of "typical stereotypes" - include those who don't drink dairy for religious views, a stereotypical vegan "hippie" and an upper-class woman who only drinks her coffees with soy milk

Use of humour to portray these characters which is used in previous Up&Go adverts and appeals to a wide range of people

Positioned as a healthy soy breakfast alternative with a light-hearted approach

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) includes the benefits, uniqueness and must be potent

Target Market New Zealander's aged between 15 and 39

Vegetarian, Vegan, lactose intolerant

Can be opened to other markets as it offers other health benefits Advertising Media Strategy:
Proposal Budget:
$100,000 for 3-month period (July September)

Ad lengths:
30 Seconds only

Target Audience:
Male and Females, 15-39, Socio’s 1-3

Total TARP’S:
170 across the

Broad Objectives:
Raise awareness of a new diffusion product for Up & Go.
Successfully introduce a niche product to a wider audience.
Educate consumers on the widespread benefits associated with soymilk.
The Product Based on the original "Up & Go" - a
liquid breakfast with the goodness of
two Weet-Bix

Using a soy-based milk rather than dairy that still has the benefits of an Up & Go

:) Thanks
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