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No description

carmel sumiller

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Franchising

Franchising Working within the system
The risk
Working with the franchisor
False expectations
Managing the business The domestic franchising industry remains robust with a 17 percent growth from $9.4 billion in 2010 to $11 billion in sales in 2011 as more Filipinos tried their hands at entrepreneurship.
Franchising comprises an estimated 30 percent of total retail sales in the Philippines. The industry registered a staggering 262 percent jump from year 2000 to 2011.
In 2010, franchise businesses in the Philippines accounted for US$9.45 billion, or 30% of total retail output in the country in the previous year.
More than 1.02 million jobs were generated by the franchise industry.
There were more than 125,000 outlets of 1,300 brands and concepts being offered.
Year Of first Franchise Network : 1993
Number of franchisors750 (2004)

A franchising is an agreement between a business owner(the franchisor) and another party (the franchisee) to use the business name and processes of the franchising or to market a product or serviced owned by the franchisor, in exchange for a fee. CHALLENGES STATISTICS Philippines Popular
Franchise Industry THE END :) CHARLIE BABY
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