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iValletta Business Presentation

iValletta Business Presentation

Chris Spiteri

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of iValletta Business Presentation

Enter Malta's Mega Mall Why ? Why ? Increased amount of people
entering Valletta
Regain its status as a hub
of activity and life
Be marketed as one,
integrated concept What Does Valletta need? Bridged businesses to the
general public
An easy-to-use, up-to-date
utility interface
A revolutionary approach to
selling the City
It's all under one ' roof ' The Solution http://demo.ivalletta.com different packages to suit
different needs provides Flexibility http://demo.ivalletta.com/admin Deals
Gift Ideas
Facebook likes
Direct contact with site visitors
Location map
Easy and Efficient search
functionality The Big Benefits of 50,000 pageviews in the first month
Exciting promotions to increase
site usage
Promotions in Valletta
Promotions on different media targets Discreet sticker on shop windows increases ownership
You will be able to take advantage of all the likes on our Facebook page to promote your updates
Offers specifically for referrals. Being part of the success More memberships, the better the success

Valletta can become a success story once again

The bigger the wave, the more the success More means Better! Valletta has been overtaken
by the competition

Other Places have become more fashionable

Business realities are constantly changing

Valletta needs to stage a comeback businesses can directly
control site from backend Easy & Affordable Great offers coming your way Register another business with

and benefit from a FREE month
of the identical package registered. Referrals Bonus Acquire 1 month and
get a whole 3 months! Introductory Offers The City is Back! Upon reaching 50,000
hits you will benefit from an additional FREE upgrade for a whole month. We all succeed together! All Gold/Platinum Members will be entitled to attend a FREE 2hr session on "How to maximise the visibility of your business on iValletta.com" Let's share ideas! 10% of surplus will be invested in Valletta initiatives.
Another 10 % will be invested in iValletta.com direct promotion. Generating benefits all round
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