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A. Colvin,Simon, 7

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of A. Colvin,Simon, 7

A. Colvin, Simon, 7
"He was a skinny, vivid little boy, with a glance coming up from under a hut of straight hair that hung down, black and coarse."
Page: 24
This quote is referring to how Simon was the only person to help Ralph build shelters when everyone else ran off.
"All day I've been working with Simon. No one else."
Page: 50
Simon got fruit for the smaller kids who couldn't reach it and he made sure they all got food.
"Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach...When he had satisfied them..."
Since Jack wouldn't give any meat to Piggy, Simon was going to give up his meat and give it to Piggy to eat.
"Simon, sitting between the twins and Piggy, wiped his mouth and shoved his piece of meat over the rocks to Piggy, who grabbed it."
Page: 74
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