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Biomass Energy Presentation

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on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Biomass Energy Presentation

What is Biomass Energy?
Reliability of Biomass energy
Separate elements
This prezi and many more available at:
This prezi and many more available at:
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This is a unique energy source that uses a large variety of materials, including wood chips, agricultural residues, and even animal and human waste, to facilitate heat and power.
Biomass Energy
How Does it Work?
Start Up and Maintenance costs Involved
Effects on the Economy

Environmental impact
Where does biomass energy work Best
Method One:
Simply burning biomass directly, which heats water to steam and turns steam turbines.
Method Two:
This requires the gasification of biomass. Which is done by a gasifier that takes dry biomass and converts it into CO and H2. It does this with high temperatures and the absents of oxygen. This gas is then used to create a combustion.
Method Three:
Yet to be commercialized, this method involves using fuel cells, which are cells that break down quickly in the presents of gas. This breaking down produces bio-electricity.
Energy harnessed from biomass is inexpensive compared to coal and oil. Typically they cost about one third less than fossil fuels doing the same job. In other words you spend 1/3 less each year for heating your home.
But, new technology such as pollution controls and combustion engineering has advanced to the point where there is little to no emissions from burning biomass.
Constant supply of waste from construction and demolition activities
Such as...
solid waste
wood not used in paper making. Therefore, green energy production can continue indefinitely
Biomass energy works anywhere!!!!
Biomass is a carbon neutral fuel, which means it takes carbon out of the atmosphere while its growing and returns the same amount back as it is burned. Also, biomass is replenished with new growth as it is harvested. This maintains a closed carbon cycle, with no increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere that contribute to global warming and climate change
Making use of biomass energy resources (such as solid waste) reduces the maintenance costs because mining is not necessary for this type of energy, so the expenses saved stays within the local government. Also income from the sale of biomass resources and reduction in the cost of waste disposal will benefit rural economies
In addition, producing higher valued products (like renewable fuels) from resources such as agricultural residue increases the value of them. And along the chain of production, transportation and storage, a number of jobs are created.
Videos About Biomass
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