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So Much Water So Close to Home Analysis

AP Lit Analysis Presentation

Cory DaBoys

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of So Much Water So Close to Home Analysis

Cory, Devon, Brandon, Joe, and Brett (Cory and the Boys) So Much Water So Close to Home Characterization Plot Point of View Theme Setting Protagonist: Claire

Antagonist: Stuart

Claire and Stuart are built directly off of each-other. Told in 1st Person from Claire's perspective Definition of "Claire": Clear

Definition of "Stuart": Steward - Head of a household.

Learn about Claire and Stuart mostly based on their interactions with each-other. Helps change the story from finding a body to helping their marriage Claire despises Stuart's lack of care for the body as a lack of care for their marriage relating to her childhood. The story begins in with the two main characters, Claire and Stuart, in the kitchen.

The reader does not know why there is tension and conflict between the two.

Stuart's fishing trip is then described by using a flashback.

A girls body is found, Stuart and his friends don't call the police, they continue their weekend fishing trip and report it after the trip.

Returns to the present.

Claire struggles with knowing that Stuart and his friends chose to continue with their trip instead of reporting the body.

Claire attends the funeral of the girl.

Claire and Stuart go on with their lives. -Judgemental theme. -Controls the characters emotions. -Leads the characters through the plot. Judged by: -Newspaper
-People in the town
-Wife Naches River Campsite (near the mountains)
Various rooms in the home of Stuart and Claire.(Stuart's Patio, Claire's Kitchen metaphorically speaking of course!)
Claire's Car (The ride to the funeral)
The Funeral
The Hair Salon -Even though the men didn't commit the murder, their lack of judgment with dealing with the murder will have an impact because the men will be forever associated with the crime and therefore bringing judgment on them for the rest of their lives. -The phone ringing brings judgment
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