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Fashion in the 1960's

No description

sasha westwood

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1960's

Fashion in the 1960's
Rising hemlines,Hippie, Fabrics
The 1960s, Colors, fabrics and trends all was influenced on the time and what was happening, new beginnings and change.
The main influences of britain/USA on australian popular culture in 1960
The 'mod" fashion cam from London in the 1960's, than spread to America,Europe and Australia.
It came from London's "innovation" wanting to be new, so inspiration from there music, art and fashion scene spoke through there clothing. They also had icons people strive of the new pop fashion. By the late 60's that's when the hippie movement hit Australia and the drugs, rebellion happen.
Eg: mini skirts, slim fits , bold shapes, colors, bare feet
Visual talk
In the 1960’s Australia’s fashion was influenced by the British and Americans.
-Through movies
-The magazines
-All models and pop stars that visited Australia.
There was the mini skirt that got introduced , that was talked about and worn by many woman trying to prove there point of rebellion and feminism that they could wear what they wanted.
There also was the hippie movement so every one went to wearing natural fibres and fabrics at the end of the 1960’s. Which meant mass production took place easier to get a hold of and make also easier for the teens to throw away and get new clothes cause everything was getting cheaper.
Mary Quant brang the mini skirt in

One main social & cultural feature of the 1960's fashion
In the 1960's this is where the fashion from the past broke and a new era was made, bold colors where being worn to get away from the 1950's grey's and browns. This is when the uni-sex clothing was starting to be excepted woman and men could both were denim jeans. This is when the campaign for woman's rights was happening so woman rebelled out and wore shirts to which ever length they wished cause it was there body's.
Mum & Dad 196o
My voice over
1960's song
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