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Peru Earthquake.

In 1970, Yungay, Peru an earthquake occured.

Jennifer M.

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Peru Earthquake.

The Ancash Earthquake
-Peru, 1970 Ancash was located
in Yungay, Peru. Ancash
occured on
May 31, 1970 The magnitude was 8.0. Ancash ruined many peoples' houses. This is some of the damage caused by the
Ancash earthquake. By: Jennifer
Vote for mine! The cities affected
most was The city
of Chimbote, and
The Andean Valley. Missing:
Injured: 25,600 citizens 150,000
citizens This earthquake sat on
The South American Plate.
The type of boundary that the earthquake sat
on was a convergent
This earthquake occured
on a reverse fault. This is the epicenter of the earthquake. Before Ancash, Peru had
very little to no earthquake
preventions. After the Ancash, the buildings that were destroyed
were remade with a bunch of new things to prevent crumbling. Ancash created a landslide that
killed about 10,000 people. People Killed from this
earthquake totaled to
74, 194. About 74,124 people were lost during this earthquake. This is a short video of the damage
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