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Wayfare workflow

No description

Jim Dunn

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of Wayfare workflow

Wayfare workflow
Wayfare Customer
1. Wayfare customer lands on a page...
How does Wayfare know this? Is that site a Wayfare customer? Yes. There is a deal in place giving them access to an iFrame ad block.

1. Looks through existing ad inventory for appropriate ads
2. Sends Product name or SKU to Dynamite i.e AVG AntiVirus
1. Looks through existing product database for all retailers selling the product. Reseller name, $, Stock status.
2. Return all retailers carrying the product
No way to tell which ones are monetized as that changes everyday at CJ. This could be a big deal. They have to show an ad the is monetizable. Not impression based biz model in all cases.
Wafare gets list of all retailers back.
1. Run filters to decide which ones to display
2. Places the retailer and the ad together and returns to webpage
Wayfare Customer
1. Customer clicks on one of the retailers
2. Customer is sent to the retailer site
1. Intercepts the link to the retailer and sends it through CJ then on to the retailer thereby generating a CPC/CPA payment.
2. What will the revenue split look like?
Some for the website
Some for Wayfare
Some for DD
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