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English 9 - "Hip Hop Goes Global"

No description

Mr Contreras

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of English 9 - "Hip Hop Goes Global"

English 9 - "Hip Hop Goes Global"
Activity #1: Exploring Key Concepts
You will each receive 4 post-it notes; you will be asked
to complete each statement for each post-it.

Please write your name in the top, left hand corner of each post-it note

When responding, please use the sentence stem provided,
and write in complete sentences.

There is no one “correct” answer; give as much information
as you can, even if you are guessing.

Activity #1:Exploring Key Concepts
#1 Hip hop is used by people to...
#2 Hip hop is mostly about...
#3Hip hop started ...
#4Hip hop has become popular because…
#5 If there is one thing that makes hip hop unique, it’s the fact that...
#6 Hip hop’s purpose is to...
#7 Hip hop is best understood by…
#8 I think most people would agree that hip hop is…

Gallery Walk
Place each of your post-its on the corresponding poster paper when prompted.

Move around the room reading the responses on each poster

You will be given 3 minutes to read the information on each poster and
write down 2-3
ideas with which you connect, or ideas you do not understand.

You will be using your notes from the gallery walk for the next activity.

Activity #2: 60/60 Pair Share
Using your own ideas and your notes from the gallery walk, complete the 60/60 pair share activity with your partners.

Talk about two sentence stems from your classmate's that stood out to you. Explain your opinions, thoughts, reasons and examples on the topic without stopping for 60 seconds


Activity 3: Sentence Stem Quickwrite
Choose one of the 8 sentence stems, and reflect on your personal experiences, knowledge, and observations to expand upon the main idea you’ve chosen.

You may use your peers’ ideas from the sentence stem posters.

Activity #4:Getting Ready to Read
What influence does hip hop have in our society or in our world? What is its message? Is it just music or something more?

Respond to these questions with examples from your own experience and observations.

Purchase two highlighters for activity 8
Activity #5: Understanding Key Vocabulary
On the worksheet, the vocabulary words and their meanings are provided for you.

Give an example of the word in your own words and complete the example sentence.

Identify one word of your own to complete for item #6.

Activity 5: Understanding Key Vocabulary

1. Credibility (noun)
What is it?

Experts have it. It's about being professional.
Where I see it?

"They had no journalism degrees. No money. No
What pictures come to mind?
I think of doctors, teachers and lawyers.
Example Sentence
_____________ has a lot of crediblity
in the field of _____________.
Activity #6:Surveying the Text
Discuss and write down answers to the following questions:

1)Read the source notes at the end of the text. In what publication was this text published? What do you know about the source? Is it credible?

2) Read the background information about James McBride. Given this information, what can you expect from the piece? Why?

Activity #7:Making Predictions and Asking Questions
Sharing Questions
Each pair needs to share
1 question to McBride
Hip Hop Around the World
What promblems are other hip hop artists fighting against in other countries?
How does hip hop unite people?
How hip hop is used in different countries to deal with different issues
Many times when we think about hip hop we only think about the hip hop we listen to on the radio. However, there is underground hip hop that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.
Fold paper, answer questions
"When I think of hip hop, I instantly
think of..."
Write as much as you can until
I tell you to stop.
Match the words
to the photos
Vocabulary Quiz Alert!
Monday, September 15

Spell each word correctly
and define each word
Watch video and respond:
How did the video make you feel? Why?
What are your thoughts on bullying?
Have you ever been a victim of bullying?
Or have you ever bullied someone else?
Complete the following Discussion and Prediction Chart with your partner by reading and then discussing each question.

Then, come to an agreement on some common predictions.

Take turns reading the questions aloud, and alternate who responds first to the questions.

As your partner responds, take notes in the right column.

Activity #7:Making Predictions and Asking Questions
Questions answered during video:
Why should we predict?
How do we predict?
How do we check predictions?
Study for your vocabulary quiz Monday

BUY two different colored highlighters

Write about someone who is your hero or heroine and explain why
Activity 8: Reading for Understanding
1. Highlighting with a Purpose
As you read, highlight any main ideas or phrases
A main idea is a general statement that highlights
the most important ideas in a piece of writing. Main
ideas need to be supported by examples, reasons, or
2. Reviewing Prediction
Go back to your prediction charts
Which of your predictions turned out to be true?
Did McBride answer any of the questions you asked?
Study for vocabulary test Monday

Finish Activity 9
Main Idea
1) Some mix it with chocolate to make cake icing.

2) There are many uses for this great product.

3)It is the main ingredient in some milkshake mixes.

4) It will also kill rats in small amounts.
Which one is the main idea? Why?
Understanding SOAPSTone Elements - Activity 9
Practice Makes Perfect
For the following advertisements,
identify the

Exit Slip
What are some of the messages of hip hop
portrayed around the world?
Today's objective: students will understand
key vocabulary and survey the text

1) Collect homework/check activities 1-3
2) Activities 4-6
3) Hip hop messages around the world

Buy two different highlighters!
Begin studying for Monday's quiz

1) Buy two different highlighters!
2) Begin studying for Monday's quiz
3)Complete all activities we started
in class
September, 11 Agenda
Objective: Students will work
collaboratively in pairs to make predictions
and ask questions about “Hip Hop Goes Global”
1) Quickwrite
2) Check activities 5-6
3) Activity 7
Homework: BUY two highlighters
Study for Monday's Vocab. Quiz
Objective: Students will read for
understanding, highlight main ideas and check their predictions
1) Quickwrite
2) Collect quickwrites
3) Check activity 7

Homework: Activity 9 and study
Homework and Reminders
1) Complete activity 9
2) Study for your VOCABULARY QUIZ
the 5 words on activity 5
spell correctly and define them
Have a safe weekend!
Content objective: Students will identify
central ideas in the text
Language objective: Students will annotate
and question the text
Sept. 15 - Agenda
1) Vocabulary Quiz
2) Check activity 7
3) Activity 9
4)Activity 10 (say, mean, matter worksheet)

HW: Finish activity 10 & say, mean, matter worksheet
Spell the correct word
and define each word
Take out a sheet of paper
and a pencil...
Activity 9 : Analyzing SOAPSTone Elements
What is the big idea? What's the text about?
What event or occasion do you think caused McBride to write this piece?
To whom is the author writing?
What does the author want you to believe or understand?
What do we know about the speaker?
What is the attitude of the speaker as revealed by the choice of vocabulary?
Activity 10
Highlight and make notes where you find....
1) The issue Mcbride is writing about
2) McBride's main points
3) Examples that show how McBride feels about the issue
4) Examples of hip hop as a global issue
5) What McBride wants his readers to believe
One the right margin...
Highlight, and make notes where you
Have a question
Have a comment
Have any reaction (surprised, confused, etc.)
Say, Mean, Matter
This worksheet will help you better understand activity 10 and organize your thoughts
Worth 10 points!
Due tomorrow:
1) Finish activity 9
2) Complete your text annotations

Due Wednesday:
3) Complete say, mean, matter worksheet
**Worth 10 points!
September 16 Agenda
1) Say, Mean, Matter (continue annotating)
2) Check activity 9
3) Activity 12-13
Content: Students will examine the structure of the text.

Language: Students will complete activity 12 (guided chunking).
Say, Mean, Matter
What did you annotate? What is it actually saying? Quote it.
What is the meaning? What is your interpretation?
So what? Why is this important? Why may it be significant for readers?
What is chunking?
Chunking is the process of grouping parts of the texts together to understand their meaning
It's good to split up the text in order to understand it!
Chunking helps you manage what the text is saying without being overwhelmed.

It helps you by breaking up the texts into pieces to understand their meaning
Activity 12: Considering the Structure of the Text -- Guided Chunking
Directions: Determine which paragraph or paragraphs can be chunked to match the statement. Write the number/s of the paragraphs on the line.
Circle the word that best deribes what McBride's purpose is in the paragraphs. In other words, what is he doing?
Activity 13: Analyzing Stylistic Choices
Directions: Find the quotes and figure out which words have been substituted. Write the author's language in the space provided. Explain how the author's word choices affect the overall tone of the piece.
1. For the next 26 years, I avoided that music the way you step over a crack in the sidewalk.
Stylistic choice: _____________
Activity 13 Example
1) Stylistic choice:
high stepped

Explain how the word affects the tone or purpose.
The word "high stepped" sounds almost like a dance move and because of that, it relates to the text. It gives an image of how far he would go to avoid hip hop. It sounds fast.
1) Finish say, mean, matter
2) Finish activity 12-13
September 17 -- Agenda
1) Check say, mean, matter
2) Check activities 9, 12-13
3) Activities 14-17
Homework: Finish activity 17 (very important)
Activity 14: Reflecting on your Reading Process
1) In what ways has your reading and understanding of this text improved as a result of our work with it?

2) What reading strategies
(defining words, predicting, chunking, annotating text, asking questions)
helped you most to deepen your understanding of the text?

3) How can you apply these reading strategies in reading other texts in other classes?
Activity 15: Letter to McBride
Letter will contain:
Summary of McBride's essay
Response to McBride
Let's read the directions...
Activity 15: Complete SOAPSTone Chart
What is the subject or topic in your letter to McBride?
What occasion is causing you to write to McBride?
To whom are you writing?
What is the purpose of your letter?
Who is the speaker?
What kind of tone do you want to have?
Activity 16: Getting Ready to Write and Gather Evidence
Directions: Organize all your activities, notes and materials
Activity 17: Composing the Draft of your Summary
Students should ...
Have example of letter
Have summary graphic organizer sheet
Understand activity 17 directions
**Begin filling out graphic organizer.
1) COMPLETE summary graphic organizer before writing your summary paragraph
2) Summary paragraph due TOMORROW

Good luck! You can do this.
September 18 -- Agenda
1) Check activities 15 and 17 (summary)
2) Activity 18-19

Homework: finish response paragraph
Activity 18: Using the Words of Others
Quotation VS. Paraphrase
When you directly use a writers words,
you must put the words in quotation marks. " "
When you use someone else's words or ideas,
but you put them in your own words, you are
paraphrasing. You must still let your readers
know that you are using someone else's words.
Example: In your essay, you state that
Example: Hip hop is always transforming
according to McBride.
Choose Two Quotes!
Select and write down two quotations from
McBride's essay which best represent the main ideas you are most interested in. You will use these two quotes for your response paragraph.
My example: Mr. McBride, I agree when you stated that "hip hop lays bare the empty moral cupboard that is our generation's legacy" (paragraph 11).
Activity 19: Response Paragraph
Use the response graphic organizer to help you write your response paragraph.
Your response should contain:
a statement of your agreement or disagreement that we have become a "hip hop planet"
One or two main idea statements from the essay, and explain how you agree or disagree with them. Include reasons and examples from your own life
Finish the paragraph by stating whether the essay was strong or weak, and explain why he did or did not make his point
1) VERY IMPORTANT: Finish your response paragraph for tomorrow (activity 19)

2) Tomorrow you should have your summary and response paragraphs (on the same paper) ready to be edited

3) Staple all your activities and turn them in tomorrow.
September 19 Agenda
1) Check response paragraphs (activity 19)
2) Revise and edit 3 letters
3) 3 sheets of feedback
Activity 20: Revising and Editing
1) Read Peer Feedback and Response Rubric
3 columns (3 marks)
2) Read editing and revising help sheet

Three sheets of Feedback
1) Each of you will read three of your classmates' letters
2) You will give each classmate a sheet of paper with your commentary
(take out three sheets of paper)
3) Commentary should include:
Comments on IDEAS
Comments on GRAMMER
Complete responses on MOVING FORWARD
Due Monday:
Letter to McBride

Gather, organize and staple all your activities
Examples on how to integrate quotes
I admire your honesty when you say that
you "missed the most important cultural event" in your "lifetime" (paragraph 6). It's interesting to see how you had a change of heart after you realized how important hip hop became around the world.

I disagree when you say "_____________" because I think
____________________ (pargarph#).
Objective: Students will edit and revise three classmates' letters to James McBride.
Good Writing
is rewriting

Good Writing
is rewriting

Write down 2 questions for the letter you are reading right now.

These questions can be about the ideas, the response paragraph,
or anything that is unclear.
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