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Data Collection

No description

Vanessa Quintana

on 31 October 2015

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Transcript of Data Collection

Data Collection Part I
My evaluation looks like this...
Other stuff we want to do with sticky notes.
What we want to do with sticky notes...
Do you feel like this
when you hear the
word "data"? Yea, me too!

Welcome to Part I of the Data Collection series. This two part series is arranged into easy to follow steps. Hopefully you won't feel like this when we're through!
Go get your artifacts and place them into your binder!
See below for a short list of artifact possibilities.

Pictures of student art and students at work, notes, quizzes, tests, formative assessments, homework, emails, records of phone calls, lesson plans, unit curriculum, thinking maps. Reflections about events, adaptations, accommodations, and modifications. Records of events attended, field trips, conferences, meetings, professional development classes, PLT's, workshops, art shows for you or students, articles written, research completed, IEP meetings attended, behavior plans attended to... The list of artifacts is as varied and long as the opportunities we have to create!
Success! You completed Data Collection Part 1. You're on your way! See you at Data Collection Part 2!

This first part is easy. You need three things:
1. Get yourself a binder with tabs.
2. Get a pad of sticky notes.
3. Print your evaluation.
Now, divide your evaluation into its sections. Mine has five. Place each section of your evaluation behind its own tab in your binder. Label tabs of course.
How you will actually use the sticky notes.
* Peruse evaluation standards.
This is standard 1, Element C, in reference to teaching math.
* Store sticky note on binder divider.
* Record standard number, category, and artifact necessary to support standard on sticky note.
Remember, anything you do relates to your educator effectiveness!
Sticky notes placed on the binder dividers allows for quick reference to artifacts that need to be placed into your binder.

Go through your binder once a semester. This helps prompt you to collect any new and relevant data as evidence of your educator effectiveness.
Refer to sticky notes in binder and place future artifacts into binder.
Time to use the sticky notes!
Sticky notes allow you to easily compile your artifacts without having to repeatedly go back through the standards to see which artifacts you will be needing for evidence of your effectiveness.
You have completed 5 easy steps!
1. Gather supplies.
2. Print evaluation and divide into sections.
3. Go through evaluation and record necessary artifacts on sticky notes.
4. Store sticky notes on binder dividers.
5. Collect artifacts and store in binder.
Now, go make something out of sticky notes!
example of math artifact
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