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No description

Lucas Larsen

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of football

WARRIORS WARRIORS PEABODY-BURNS Top Row, Left: Assistant Coach Derek Benson encourages
his players.
Top Row, Right: Head Coach David Pickens and Assistant Coach Bob Kyle try and figure out their next move.
Middle, Left: Senior Captains Hunter Pickens, Lucas Larsen, and Austin Savage make their way towards the coin toss.
Middle, Right: Assistant Coach Ryan Panko surveys the field hoping to gain an advantage.
Bottom, Left: Head Coach David Pickens discusses a questionable call with a referee on a call that didn't go the Warriors way.
Bottom, Right: Team Manager Sean Clay hands out water to the team during a time-out at the Canton Galva game. Top, Left: Hunter Pickens tackles a speedy Rock Hills Grizzly.
Top, Right: Austin Savage dives over a White City defender to score a touchdown.
Middle, Left: Tommy Morris runs away from a Madison Bulldog defender.
Middle, Right: Lucas Larsen looks to get a block for Christian Gard.
Bottom, Left: Jayden Miller looks for a White City defender to block.
Bottom, Center: Seth Topham tries to put a move on a Grizzly defender.
Bottom, Right: Christian Gard celebrates after a big play. Top, Left: Kiefer Larsen looks to sack the Rock Hills Quarterback.
Top, Right: Xavier Jabary prepares to snap the ball to the Quarterback.
Middle, Left: Brooks Hodges heads out on a pass route during the Rock Hills game.
Middle, Center: Jan Liska practices keeping the ball high and tight before the game.
Middle, Right: Nick Prehiem tries to break through the Canton Galva offensive line.
Bottom, Left: Braxton Kyle jockeys for posetion of the ball with a White City defender.
Bottom, Center: Garret Schroeder tries to locate the ball carrier against Burlingame.
Bottom, Right: Seth Topham says "good pass" to his Quarterback. Top, Center: Austin Savage runs away from a potential tackler, while Xavier Jabary looks to block someone.
Middle, Left: Kiefer Larsen sacks Lebo's Quarterback.
Middle, Center: Braxton Kyle, and Lucas Larsen double up to take down the Canton Galva running back.
Middle, Right: Tommy Morris drags a pack of Lebo Wolves towards the End Zone.
Bottom, Left: Lucas Larsen, and Jayden Miller team up to sack the Burlingame Quarterback, while Braxton Kyle goes for the fumble.
Bottom, Center: Hunter Pickens runs away from two would be White City tacklers.
Bottom, Right: Xavier Jabary keeps a Madison Bulldog from getting to the Quarterback.
70 White City 32
32 Little River 34
64 Burlingame 20
38 Canton Galva 8
62 Centre 28
56 Hartford 8
36 Flinthills 50
20 Madison 68
62 Lebo 48
26 Rock Hills 72

Record 6-4 PBHS Opponent "It was nice to be successful and it was the most fun I've had in a long time." Coach David Pickens Front Row, Left to Right: Manager Sean Clay, Chris Terronez, Cody Partridge, Colton Glenn, Markus Knight, Brandon Entz, Dakota Reynolds, Kevin Baatrup, and Brooks Hodges.
Middle Row, Left to Right: Xavier Jabary, Nick Schrock, Coach Bob Kyle, Garret Schroeder, Kiefer Larsen, Braxton Kyle, Kaden Gibson, Vince Newman, Gage Claassen, Austin Savage, Coach David Pickens, Colton Terronez, and Nick Preheim.
Top Row, Left to Right: Christian Gard, Hunter Pickens, Jayden Miller, Seth Topham, Lucas Larsen, Jan Liska, Allen McLaughlin, and Tommy Morris. Wheat State All-League Honors Members of the 2012 football team that received All-League Honors include:(Left to Right) Tommy Morris, All-League First Team, Lucas Larsen, All-League First Team, Hunter Pickens, All-League First Team, and Austin Savage, All-League Honorable Mention.
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