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Clarissa's first Prezi

No description

Clarissa Clark

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Clarissa's first Prezi

Computer Lab Safety Ms Clark's Lab Do not share your full name, passwords, address, phone number, social security number, or your plans
Someone may be impersonating someone
Tell a trusted adult if you feel uncomfortable online Stay safe while you surf Social Networking Do not accept people you do not know lab, peers, teacher All school rules apply You may not hack into blocked websites Brainstorming Safety Tips Internet Safety Respect Protect you
Protect equipment
Etiquette and Ethics
Stay Safe Online It is possible to be suspended or expelled from school and charged money for damaging any equipment Respect the Lab Dude! Your Station Keep Neat and Organized Do Not... Do not put book holders on top of any wires (it could fall) Damaging Equipment Feet on the floor Eyes level with the monitor Ergonomic Tips touch monitor/screen with your fingers One headphone at each computer spin or play in the chairs Back straight Fingers curved

Wrists low but not resting Watch this cool YouTube Video for Ergonomic Tips! Copyright Law Protects original authorship like literary, dramatic, and artistic works from being copied without the author's permission No food or drinks are allowed around the computers Fair use means anyone can copy the work without permission from the original author Watch
me! Do not touch wires in the back of the computer (Tell your teacher if you noticed unplugged cables) Protect yourself from injury Prevent from damaging expensive equipment Do the right thing Safe Online Ethics Do not download anything without teacher permission No ipods or phones School Rule Delete people you do not know Do not use your full name. Use an alias.
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