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Student Financial Support Team

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of SS- CSA

What, Where, When,

The Who, What, Where When, How of
Student Services Support
support is available
Contact for support
Inclusion Team
Counselling Services
of Student Services support
you can access support
to go to get things sorted

to contact for support
to access information and support
Student with a query or problem about a student issue?
The Student Services Information Officers will either know the answer or help students find it
Accommodation Support
What is a disability?
For more information and support, students can have a chat with the team
Examples of disabilities
It can help to talk things over with a trained counsellor
Or for a student to try out a workshop

Students should drop in to the Health and Wellbeing Centre, Milton House
Have a student who feels things are getting on top of them?
Health and Wellbeing
Eating healthily
They should check their vaccinations are up to date?
Drinking responsibly
Getting enough sleep
They should register with a GP and dentist?
Register at the Welcome Fair or at Milton House
They shouldn't wait until they become ill!
Did they get the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine before they started?
If not, they need to get this asap from their GP. All students need it, including international students
Support Available
GP Service
Student Wellbeing Team
Remind students to register with the GP & Dentist at the start of their course
Something impacting on a student's wellbeing?
Students can drop into the SIC where our Student Wellbeing team can offer them support and advice

Dental surgery is a few minutes from campus
Students can register with an NHS dentist at the Welcome Fair or get info from Milton House
GP surgeries will run at Milton House
Students can get further info and register at the Welcome Fair or Milton House
Remind them they can only be seen once registered
How to
Advice and Guidance
If students feel something is getting in the way of their studies?
Or is they're having a hard time or just not feeling themselves?

They can catch up with staff in Student Services who can help them get back on track
Money Advice Team
The University Hardship Fund or
Emergency Short Term Loans
Strong advice on:
Bumping up their skills as well as their bank balance
Cutting down their expenses
Take the hassle out of budgeting, let our budget planners do the number crunching!
Helping students keep on top of their finances!
Waiting for funding or not sure they've applied for everything they can?
The New Student Desk
Ground floor of the Hub
19th Sept to 28th Sept (8am to 3pm)
Query about student issues
The permanent Student Desk
Ground floor of the Student Information Centre
Open all year round
8.30am to 6pm Mon to Thur & 8.30am to 5pm on Fri
Query about student issues & to access some of the Student Services Teams
Student Services Information Officers
Provide information, guidance and support to students, including those with disabilities and long term medical conditions
To keep themselves at their best by not:
Helping student take control of their finances through our Money Management programme
Students can forget!
Heart condition
Mobility impairment
Mental Health condition
Our counsellors can help students to explore:
what is happening in their life
what they may want to do differently and
what their next steps might be.
Accommodation Team
IAG for students
IAG re rooms and allocate halls
Deal with 'on campus' disciplinary and support matters

Provide advice on 'off campus' housing issues
Deal with 'off campus' residential complaints
Liaise with landlords/ external agencies (police/ council/ fire service) to ensure properties are of acceptable standard
Produce an 'off campus' housing list
Management of halls of residence to create a safe and secure environment on campus
Manage disciplinary and support matters on campus
Host and promote a variety of 'on' and 'off' campus events for students
Organise and deliver hall meetings
Manage a team of SAs
Campus Life Team
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