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A guide to dancing.

The basics about ballet, tap and modern dancing.

Mia McNevin

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of A guide to dancing.

A Guide To Dancing. Ballet Tap Modern Ballet dress. Postitions and arms Shoes Point shoes and normal ballet shoes An arabesque is the position
where the dancer has one
leg raised behind and their
arms outstretched in a
conventional pose. Barre exercises should make up a significant portion of a ballet class, for beginners as well as advanced dancers. Even though exercises performed at the barre may seem monotonous, they are meant to help ballet dancers build strength and learn correct body placement. Tap dress. Shoes They have two taps,
one on the toe and
one on the heel. Ballet dancers normally wear
a black leatard, ballet tights and ballet shoes and sometimes a black waste band. This is to practise in or do exams. Theres alot of different costumes or outfits for tap dress, at my dancing we were leggings, black socks and a black leotard. Shuffle (straight)A quick forwards and backwards
movement just in front of you, generally done in the same time of one beat. Dance Moves. Ball-changeThis is a pair of steps,
taking a step
backwards and
then one forwards. Pick-upIn a pick-up, the foot leaves the floor,
the ball of the foot strikes the floor, and then
the next step is carried out. It is normally taken
from a flat foot, and it is always backwards. RiffThis is a relative of the brush,
but the heel strikes the floor as
well. If taken forward this means
the two beats are made by the
toe and the heel, in that order,
and if taken backwards the order
of the beats is reversed. modern dance dress. To dance most people wear
jazz shoes, these can have full soles
at the bottom or they can be
split soles, this allows you to point your
feet easily. There are lots of different
costumes to be worn,
most of them are colourful leatards
and jazz pants or a skirt, so they can
be seen easily on stage and look
good as well. Born in the early 20th century, modern dance is a dance
style that centers on a dancer's own interpretations
instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing.
During the 1900's, European dancers began rebelling against
the rigid rules of classical ballet. Dancers normally choreograph
a routine that is close to their hearts
or that expresses emotion. DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING. BORN TO DANCE?
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