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A Blooming Relationship: Rapunzel and Flynn

Disney look at a reasonably healthy relationship. Created as part of a Health assignment, in which we were focusing on healthy relationships in the media. Special thanks to Disney fans Laura Cardoso and Michelle Glossop, who co-created this project!

Alyssa Grant-Pereira

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of A Blooming Relationship: Rapunzel and Flynn

A Blooming Relationship:
Rapunzel and Flynn

Rapunzel first meets Flynn Rider, whose real name is Eugene, when he climbs into her tower to hide from royal guards. Rapunzel soon finds out that he had just stolen the lost princess' crown, after knocking him unconscious with her frying pan. She then blackmails the thief to take her to see the 'lights', that appear on her birthday, in exchange for returning the crown.

Evolution of Their Relationship
In the beginning, Rapunzel is fearful of Flynn and uses him without really caring about his interests. The feelings, however, are mutual as Flynn also hopes to get away from her. He dreams of living a life of wealth, with no need of love. This unstable relationship slowly becomes a friendship, revealing to us their true nature of compatibility. After much bonding, the two develop romantic feelings for one another.
Trespassing on Her Property:
Flynn Rider, a well known thief, takes refuge in a supposedly deserted tower. The inhabitant of the tower, a sheltered girl named Rapunzel, immediately attacks the stranger. This begins their rocky relationship.
The Tables Have Turned
Secrets are Revealed

After their lives are put in danger, Flynn is injured. Rapunzel then reveals that her unusually long, golden hair has the ability to heal his wound. After a moment of shock, Flynn Rider reveals that his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert.
In the end, we believe that Rapunzel and Eugene, alike their happy ending, had a positive relationship as well. They overcame mistrusting each other. Eugene realized there was much more to life than monetary gain. As well, Rapunzel learned to have hope in the man who sought refuge in her tower. She confidently overcame her kidnapper, and was reunited with her true family. In the end, the story tells us that sometimes you have to face your deepest fears to make your wildest dreams come true.
A Rough Beginning
After hiding his satchel containing the crown, in a place he would never look, Rapunzel convinces Flynn to take her to see the perplexing 'lights' that appear in the night sky annually on her birthday. He reluctantly agrees, remembering that the crown was extremely valuable.

Even though Flynn had agreed to the deal, he attempts many times to persuade Rapunzel to give up on her mission. For instance, he takes her to the 'Snuggly Duckling', a barbaric pub, to scare her into fleeing back to her tower, as well as returning back his stolen crown. However, his plan failed.
Strengthening Character:

The duo soon make their way to the kingdom village, where the light festival happens. They share many memories together, and the two develop strong romantic connections. They both feel free to be themselves with one another, as they were originally unhappy before they had met. Rapunzel soon learns that the 'lights' she had desired to see were actually lanterns set out on the lost princess' birthday each year, in hopes to bring her home.
At the end of their journey, Rapunzel returns home with Mother Gothel, whom she finds out is a selfish woman abusing her hair's healing powers to keep herself forever youthful. Gothel, knowing she had lost her trust, is still greedy, and decides to chain up Rapunzel and hide her where she could never be found again. Eugene arrives in attempts to save his love, but is stabbed. Rapunzel remarks that she will never stop trying to escape from Gothel. However, if she were to heal him, she would never disobey her guardian for the rest of her life. Despite her efforts to heal, Eugene suddenly cuts her locks, which then lose their power to save him. By doing this, Rapunzel would be of no value to Gothel, who Eugene anticipated would then let her go.
By Laura, Michelle and Alyssa!
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