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Intro Sports Psychology

No description

Anna Crosswhite

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Intro Sports Psychology

Intro Sports Psychology
Example of Goals
Write three goals you would have as a coach or official.
How would you get your players to set goals?
What does this mean?
- What does arousal have to do with sport and coaching?
clickview chapter
If low we need to get pumped up!
Take rapid breaths in a row
Act energetic!
Positive songs and sounds
Your favourite pump up song? Lets play some
Warm up before game
Topic 1 - goal setting
BORING - I know - we all have to do that all the time!!
Why is this relevant to coaches and athletes?
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Inverted U Hypothesis
Interpret from the Graph
There is an optimal level of arousal when playing sport
1. Too hyped or pumped to play (or too aroused = poor performance
2. Too low or can't be bothered (or under aroused = poor performance)

Where do we rate ourselves now?
If too high or pumped
PMR - progressive muscle relaxation
Breathing control

what sort of goal do you think a domestic team would make versus a national league or state team?
Anxiety = Choking in games
Defined as the build up of pressure.
Brainstorm classic examples from sports history.
i.e greg norman
lay down sally
*clickview chapt

Applied by athletes
Strategies to deal with choking
Relaxation strategies
meditation, breathing
Practice imagery of you in big game situations
Pre performance routines
Focus cues written down 'quick feet' 'rebound'
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