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goddess antheia

No description

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of goddess antheia

Goddess Antheia
goddess antheia
what did she wear?
She wore a flowery wreath for events such as, festivals the meaning of her name means flower. antheia
was known to the romans as antheia her center of worship was on her island.

her promises
Antheia’s themes are promises, friendship, trust, honor, community, love and relationships. Her symbols are gold colored items, honey and myrrh.

what is she known for
Also since 800 B.C.E antheia has been known as the Greek Goddess of Marriage,companionship, and good council.
Antheia was a Goddess of vegetation,lowlands,marshlands,gardens,blossoms,the budding earth and human love. Goddess Antheia lived on a Island called Crete.

Antheia's symbols of nature are the humming bird and the gardens
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