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The Dominican Republic - Spanish Geography and Culture

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Carina Lewandowski

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of The Dominican Republic - Spanish Geography and Culture

La República Dominicana Proyecto de Geografía y Cultura By Carina Lewandowski The Dominican Republic is located in North America, on the island of Hispaniola. ¿Dónde está la República Dominicana? The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy. Like the United States government, national power is divided among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. ¿Cuál es su tipo de gobierno? The national currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso. ¿Cuál es la moneda de
la República Dominicana? ¡Gracias! La República
Dominicana The capital of the Domincan Republic is Santo Domingo. ¿Cuál es la capital de
la República Dominicana? ¿Cuál es la bandera de
la República Dominicana? The Merengue is a type of
Dominican song and dance. La Cultura de la
República Dominicana - The national motto is "Dios, Patria, Libertad" (God, Fatherland, Liberty).
- There is a Bible below a cross in the middle of the sheild that is said to be opened to the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 32, which reads "Y la verdad nos hará libre" (And the truth shall make you free).
- The blue on the flag stands for liberty.
- The white stands for salvation.
- The red stands for the blood of heroes. Executive Branch
(President) Executes laws passed by
the legislative branch Commander in cheif of
the armed forces Appoints the cabinet Legislative Branch (Bicameral Congress) Senate
(32 Members) House of Representatives
(178 Members) Cheif of State: President Leonel Fernandez Reyna Head of Government: President Leonel Fernandez Reyna In this dance, partners hold each others' hands and move in small steps, usually sideways or in circles. The knees are kept slightly bent. When one partner makes an individual turn, they will usually continue to hold hands, often creating pretzel-like twists of arms. Bibliography:
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