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A Guide to the Stupider, More Annoying Aspects of Life

Includes How-To's on: Annoying kids/friends, Stupid people, Annoying teachers, Useless Coworkers, and much more!:) PS this is for my Computer Class so yeah

A.J. Yates

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of A Guide to the Stupider, More Annoying Aspects of Life

A Guide to the Stupider, More Annoying Aspects of Life Dealing with Stupid Kids/ Friends Remind Them of a Time They Did Something Even Stupider When a Person is Making Fun of Something Stupid You Did... Dealing With Stupid People It will just make them act more stupid! Try to escape them if they're following you... Never let on that they're annoying you... (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr But DO NOT make it seem like you are angry... Because annoying people are VERY influential with adults. In my opinion, anyway... Dealing with UNFAIR Teachers Don't yell and get a detention. Just ignore them. If problems continue, let your principal know. How to deal with useless coworkers If they're above your position, don't challenge them directly... Then they get to make their own rules, so get a new job. Find their boss instead. If they're their own boss... They'll kick your butt They'll cry and pretend to be the victim, or They'll run to a teacher and tell, or Dealing With Bullies Don't fight back, if they get physical... But if you fight... Just curl in the armadillo position (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Group Good luck with life! Just remember: If you tell on them, they'll tell on you Member Member # 1: The power of an adoring younger sibling #2: Older Siblings Annoying, but they have advantages... Dealing With Family Siblings... And this guide will help you realize them! Unless you do something directly
to them, they'll never tell on you My Advice: Always have a scrap of embarassing information about them, just in case
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