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The Kite Runner

No description

Sanchez Tania

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner
~ lives outside of Baba's house, in a mut hut
~ always prays to god
Main Conflict
- Amir feels guilty for letting Hassan get rapped by Assef
- Amir hides his watch and money in Hassan's bed, so he'll get kicked out
2nd Main Conflict
- Amir gets a call from his old friend Rahim Khan, telling him to come back to Afganistan
-Amir goes to Kabul, to bring back Hassan's son
~ The main character of the book
~ Son of Baba and is known as a rich kid in town
~ Amir loves to school, and enjoys reading
~ Best friend is Hassan
~ lives in Kabul, for most of his childhood, and then moves to California, in his teen age years
~ always looks for the love of his father and always tries to make him proud
~ mother died giving birth to him
~ Amir as a boy in Kabul
~ The sirevent of Baba and Amir
~ Son of Ali and his mother ran away, when he was born
~ he is Baba's favorite
~ Brother of Baba
~ servant of Baba and Amir
~ has only one son named Hassan
~ really quiet and pleasant
~ his wife left him, to go run off with a group of dancers
~ richest man in Kabul
father of Amir
~ always helps out people in need
~ very nice and caring man
~ wife died giving birth to Amir
~ belives that lying is a huge sin
~ has a ton of friends all over town
~ works all day, non stop
- Amir stops talking to Hassan and isloate himself
from him
- Hassan locks himself in his house and doesn't
talk to anyone for a couple of days
-Ali and Hassan leave the house, because they don't feel safe staying in Kubal anymore
- Amir is happy that Hassan left, so he doesn't have to feel guilty anymore,
- Amir goes to Afganistan, he finds out Hassan is his half brother and he died a couple months ago
- Khan asked Amir to bring back Hassan's son, because he's in Kubal in an orphange
- Amir finds out they sold Hassan's son
- Amir goes to the person who has Hassan's son, and finds out Assef has him
- Amir and Assef get into a fight, Amir gets beat up, until Hassan's son shoots Assef in the eye, and they escape from Assef's house
- Amir takes back Hassan back to America with
him, so he can have a good life
Amir and Hassan's son in America
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