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What is the volleyball made out of? How was it invented and

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PunPun Udomsilp

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of What is the volleyball made out of? How was it invented and

The game of volleyball organized from which country? Who invented it? How did he came up with the invention?
William Morgan invented volleyball in 1895 at the Holyoke, Massachusetts, YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) where he served as Director of Physical Education. Morgan originally called his new game of Volleyball, Mintonette. The name Volleyball came about after a demonstration game of the sport, when a spectator commented that the game involved much "volleying" and game was renamed Volleyball.
4. What is the oldest volleyball league? Who founded it?
The FIVB Volleyball World League is an international men's volleyball competition. Created in 1990, it is the longest and richest of all the international events organized by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).
What is the volleyball made out of? How was it invented and when?
Volleyball has 3 layers. The first layer(inner most) is made out of a rubber bladder. The next layer is a cloth layer. The last layer consists of 18-20 leather panels which comprise the outer layer. The volleyball was invented by the Spaulding Company in 1896.

Which international organization is the governing body of competitive volleyball?
When and why was established?
. Describe the rules of an official game of volleyball. How many players, time-outs? How to make substitution?
* Volleyball is played by two teams of six players on a court divided by a net.
* The object of the game is to send the ball over the net so that the opposing team cannot return the ball or prevent it from hitting the ground in their court.
* Each team has three hits to attempt to return the ball.
The ball is put in play by a serve that is hit by the server over the net to the opponent.
* When the receiving team wins a volley, it gains the right to serve, and the players rotate one position clockwise.
* When the serving team wins a volley, it wins a point and the right to continue serving.
* The ball must clear the net on a serve.
* A game is played to 21 points or some other agreed upon number. The team that wins the best two out of three games wins the match

What year did volleyball became an official Olympic sports?
Prior to the year of acceptance in the Olympics, how many years had the federation applied in the Olympics governing bodies?
]1964 40 years before it became official

Which country has won the most gold medals(All-time record) in volleyball?
USA, Japan, USSR
. Name 3 famous volleyball players.
Karch KKiraly is known as the sparkplug that inspired his teammates to play their best, also is the only player that won 3 gold medals.
Logan Tom is an international superstar that has played professionally in Brazil, Italy and Switzerland.
Misty May Treanor is one of only three players to be named a two-time AVCA National Player of the Year.

ATLAS team

Fédération Internationale de Volleyball
volleyball olympics

A volleyball team
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