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St. Martin's University Weekend Programming

A presentation about programming focused to keep students on campus over the weekend.

Ginny-Beth Joiner

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of St. Martin's University Weekend Programming

What You're Up Against Mom and Dad Bright Lights,
Big City of Seattle The Outdoor Draw Well Developed Examples "...a university-wide effort that focuses on changing the campus social culture through creating and supporting activities and venues that do not focus on alcohol." -UCSB Late Night and
Weekend Programming is... "...an alternative to alcohol-related activities on weekends.
They complement other alcohol-free activities on campus such
as sports, residence hall activities and music and theatrical productions."
-Temple University "...most noteably a form of event-specific prevention."
-Neighbors, et al. 2007 Weekend Programming for a More Vibrant Campus Community "...providing consistent programming to the Illinois State
University community while focusing on bringing entertaining
and positive alternatives to the college scene." -Illinois State
"...to offer free and unique alcohol-free entertainment for University of Wyoming students. The events vary by the week and are diverse to include all students."
-Wikipedia What's the Problem? Is there a need for late night and weekend
programming in the traditional sense or is this a retention issue? Do non-regional students feel bored or left out
over the weekend when regional students go home? Are there currently options to keep
"fully residential" students engaged? Is weekend programming a complement or replacement for traditional programming? Is there funding to increase programming? Local Entertainment Scene Plan of Action 2. Assess for impressions
1. Focus groups with students,
administration and staff members and ideas 3. Develop a plan of action with the
Campus Life Team and key players Philosophy of the program
Methods of assessment 4. Pilot the program 5. Assess and modify Initial Ideas Work quickly to fully understand the campus culture
Invigorate student attendance at athletic events
Collaboratively develop a comprehensive calendar of events
Increase traffic and efficiency in the Trautman Union Building
Inform faculty of opportunities to get involved with students
Develop a plan to incentivize student involvement
Build relationships with departments across campus
Implement ideas early (orientation)
Consider implementing or further developing an outdoor adventure component to campus life
Recruit, retain and recognize student leaders
More fully integrate commuter students in the campus (CAB)

What Is a Vibrant Campus Community? welcoming friendly not everyone looks, speaks or acts like you a home away from home has an energy that you can feel Somewhere you can build
lasting relationships FUN! where everyone is connected a place where people
have room to grow where people do more than
just go to classes where people care
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