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stories from the great deperession

different stories from different people in that time peroid.

cayla braddy

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of stories from the great deperession

Stories from the Great Depression Lawrence- we couldnt sell the
farm. so we got the baby and
left, but when my wife came back
she was cring because we was to late.
our baby was already dead. Bon t- i went out side to get the milk.
it was fulled with drit. i went to the lake
it was covered in dirt to,i had to make a
hole in the lake so my horse can have some water. Leo- i remember everybody helping everybody out.
everybody knew everybodies business. no matter how hard it was everybody suck together. this is what the dream is.
a nice big house where you can
rais your family up in and have
a good life. or something simple that everybody
can have. something that is better than what they have. they want to be off the streets and in a house that will change the way things are.
Strange as it may seem, we had fun. I can remember the days when the wind and dirt would blow until about sunset. When the wind would go down and the air would clear. One of the neighbors would drive into the yard…and say “come over for supper”. We would hurriedly fix a dish of something to take and the whole family would go; after supper we would play cards and really have a good time. We also had party dances in our homes; there would be two or three men available who played a violin and a guitar; we would move enough furniture out of the front room so we would have enough room to dance…Most of us managed to buy a radio, which was something new, and we spent many a night listening to programs and music.

-----A Kansas House Wife
While everybody else is moaning I’d like to say that I’m enjoying the depression. No more prosperity for me. I’ve had more real fun since the depression started than I had in all the years of prosperity. It seems that I had forgotten how to live, how good it was to eat plain every day food prepared in the every day way.

When things were prosperous my time was so valuable that if I was invited anywhere I had to make a flying trip there, leave early, and make a flying trip back. It was just that way with every member of the family.
It broke people’s faith in their government, destroyed a respect for business leaders. Suddenly America was not God’s country, but as vulnerable as others.

It had happened after all-for everyone but farmers-almost as suddenly as was and right after the greatest ten-year increase in material production in our history.

War had meant excitement, the ability to act, willing sacrifice and certain knowledge that it would end. The Great Depression meant a wearying sameness day after day, a sense of helplessness. Grubby little sacrifices until a man’s clothes and pride unraveled. Good men were ashamed before their families. Marriages were slowly poisoned. Educations were postponed and abandoned. Adolescents grew up quickly, and only little children felt free.

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