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Pedagogy vs. Andragogy

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Heather Traughber

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Pedagogy vs. Andragogy

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy Discussion Why is this not conducive for a college student? A Deeper Look What is Andragogy? What is Pedagogy? The art and science of helping children learn Focused on Teacher-directed instruction Promotes dependency on instructor Teacher has full responsibility for making decisions Places the student in a submissive role requiring obedience to the teacher's instructions Students rely ONLY on what the teacher teaches them 4. Students have different learning styles 1. Does not promote higher level thinking skills 2. In a University setting, students are just a number 3. Information comes from other resources other than the professor The art and science of helping adults learn Malcolm Knowles -
"The Modern Practice of Adult Education" Goal: To present an individual learner as one is autonomous, free, and growth-oriented Both Pedagogy and Andragogy are most useful when when seen not as dichotomous, but rather as two ends of a spectrum, with realistic assumption in a given situation falling in between the two ends. Both are to be determined by the situation and not by the age of the learner. In English, this means that both approaches are situational! WHY????? Why We Need Andragogy Activity Based on your understanding, predict what the characteristics are of Andragogy Divide into four groups Each group will get one topic Chart With constant change, creation of new knowledge, and an ever-widening access to knowledge of info, it is no longer reasonable to the define the purpose of education as transmitting what is known What Then?? The purpose must be to develop the skills of inquiry - metacognition Pedagogy doesn't account for these changes and can produce
tension, resentment, and resistance to individuals. As adults progress through college and their careers, the expectation is to become increasingly independent and responsible for their own actions Become more problem-centered rather than subject-centered Adults are usually less concerned with gathering knowledge for future use, and instead are concerned about using that knowledge for immediate application. University Level: Knowledge is transmitted, but then you are on your own! Which model do professors fall into? Is this setting the student up for failure? How can we (SI Leaders) work around it? Which Model do students fall into? How can we help our students move from the pedagogy model to the andragogy model? So, in other words: Knowles states that students can be assisted in becoming more self- directed when given appropriate learning tools, resources, and enouragement! SI!!!!! Why is Self-directed Learning Important? Proactive learners learn more and learn better than passive or reactive learners who wait to be taught by a teacher Retain and make use of what they learn better and longer than do reactive learners Parallels the natural processes of psychological development Many new developments in education place significant responsibility on the learner to take the initiative in their own learning Pedagogy Vs. Andragogy Follow-Up A lot of students struggle with the transition from high school to college. How do these students study, behave, interact, etc? Pedagogically speaking, what reasons do you think are behind these actions? Wrap-Up Pedagogy is not bad! Andragogy is what is needed for the college student to become a self-directed learner. Pedagogy and andragogy are not against each other. They are connected.
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