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Basic New Evaluation Process

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Basic New Evaluation Process

Basic New Evaluation Process
43. Go off – to explode; to leave; to happen (as planned).
Explorers usually go off to find new lands and treasure.

44. Bring about – to make something happen.
The politician introduced new laws that might bring about some positive change.

45. Go in – to take part in something; to make an approach, as before an attack.
I went in on a bet with some friends that our teacher would cancel class.

46. Set off – to cause to be ignited/exploded; to anger someone; to begin.
When setting off fireworks you must be very careful not to get injured.
My brother really set me off when he said that I didn’t love my parents as much as he.

47. Put out – irritated, bothered; to extinguish; to publish; to exert/apply.
Jessica was very put out when her boyfriend forgot her birthday.

48. Look out – to be vigilant or on guard; to afford a view (Also literal.)
Animals in the wild must keep a look out for predators.
Look out! There is a hole in the sidewalk.

49. Take back – to withdraw or cancel one’s statements; to regain ownership; to cause to remember.
I know I told you we would go, but I have to take that back because I have to work.

50. Hold up –to rob someone; to offer; to expose; to support; to hinder; to wait. (Also literal.)
My parents visited Canada and were held up by gunpoint.

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