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Trail of Tears

No description

Victoria P.

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Trail of Tears

- Cherokee: south Blue Ridge Mountain area (Georgia, Tennessee)
- Creek: Southeastern states (Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina)
- Chickasaw: Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee
- Choctaw: Mississippi, southern Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida
-Seminole: FloridasdglkjSrfy Land of the Native Americans Adaptation Trail of Tears Native American Territory Native Americans React to the War The Trail of Tears Indian Removal Act Presentation by: Victoria Pi,
Jasmine Gong, and Gina Yoo Results of Trail of Tears Indian Removal Act: 1830 Before Native Americans lived in different tribes and dressed like this above. Andrew Jackson Native Americans lived in teepees with their families, and there were usually many in one tribe. They always lived in groups and moved around when food became scarce or the weather turned bad. Settlement Native Americans had to wear clothes like white men so they could be more accepted in society. They also started farming in order to assimilate to the white people. Native Americans suffered a lot in their walk when forced out of their land to their new Indian Territory. The Five Civilized Tribes were all removed to Indian Territory(aka Oklahoma), and were forced to stay there. This is a picture of the Indian Territory, where the Native Americans were forced to move to. This shows how many Native Americans gave up while walking to the designated Indian Territory. The Native Americans sided with the British in the Revolutionary War. Some Native Americans sided with the Confederates in the Civil War. Native Americans sided with the British again in the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. This stated that Native Americans had to move to the Indian Territory. Columbus was the first to "discover" America Soon more people began to settle the land in America Started to interact with Native Americans after arrival in America This was what happened to the land after the French and Indian War. This is the route the Native Americans took to get to Indian Territory Native Americans hunted buffalo for food and their fur kept them warm for the cold winter months. This is a map of where the five civilized tribes lived before European settlement. There were Europeans living in America before, but after Columbus' trip, more and more Europeans began to settle in America. This is a more detailed map of the trail the Native Americans took to get to the Indian Territory This is a picture of the Seminole War. Three Wars were fought.
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