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Horses of our past

No description

Lindsey Ruther

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Horses of our past

Hoof prints on the Heart

Horses in Our Program
Horses help in thousands of ways, all around the world. Here's one of those...
The evidence is clear...
They help us, but do they have to?
Horses of our past
Horses of Today

Improving independence and life skills, in partnership with the horse.

How they help at R.O.C.K.
Improved muscle strength
Increased flexibility
Increased fine motor skills
Improved communication
Awareness of one's body in space (proprioception)
Improved range of motion
Learned responsibility,
motor and sequence planning
and more!
even romantic photo shoots
A look at the difference between logic and heart...

They are much bigger than us
They are strong and fast
They are naturally prey animals
Yet, despite the odds, they choose to...
Thank you for taking your time to be here today.
Questions? Comments?
For more information or to volunteer visit www.rockride.org
R.O.C.K. Veteran Program


Cattle work
This partnership is one that is built on trust and safety, not force and power.
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